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  1. Please please don't give up on cleanser. 4 months ago, I made the same decision. After all, i was 23, my face was clear, so I thought maybe I could afford to go full on Caveman. At this time I was already off BP (having weaned myself off it slowly) so I was only washing twice daily and using a little AHA. So I started washing with water only. At first, my skin looked beautiful. For about a week. Then, loads of tiny whiteheads appeared. People will tell you this is normal. I still did nothing.
  2. Hello all! Hope you're all well. It has literally been years since I've posted here. I was successfully on Dan's CSR regimen for a good 5 years. The thing was, it cleared me up about 80%, but could never really get that last 20%. And, figuring as I'm 23 and thought I might have outgrown it, I managed to wean myself off BP and stay relatively clear. I was just cleansing and toning, although I think the toner was totally wrong for my skin, as I was constantly oily, and my skin always looked a l
  3. i used it. it really didnt do anything amazing. it smells pretty good, and it does stop the grease a bit, but it burns pretty badly if you put it on after salicylic acid or bp topical (probably because it has salicylic acid in it). its pretty expensive, but not a bad product. it just doesnt really help bad acne.
  4. i really don't think megadosing on b5 is a good idea. i tried it, and it didn't give me any results over a 3 month period. to give it some due it didnt worsen my acne, it just didnt do a darn thing. it really cant be healthy to ingest that much of one vitamin though.
  5. trust me, proactiv refining mask is great, but it doesn't do all that much for your red marks. it does reduce the inflammation around active acne, but as for scars, only time, purcellin oil, such as bio-oil, and plenty of vitamins and water will do the trick!
  6. Hello all! Hope you are well, and that your skin isn't causing you too much grief It's been about 4 weeks now since I started taking oxytetracycline and adding differin into my regime. I have to say, I think there is a difference already, but I'm not going to jynx anything or get my hopes up! My chin and jawline, for the first time since last september, have no cysts on them, just wee tiny whiteheads that are going in a day or so. My forehead (problem area!!!) is slowly calming down. It's no
  7. Hello all! I hope you are well, and you're skin's not giving you too much grief Well, it's been about 2 weeks since I started taking oxytetracycline and applying the differin creme. The differin is weird, when you put it on, it's not like BP, in that it doesnt burn at all, but it totally dries the skin. I'm Flakey the Flake Person at the minute. Anyway, a few questions. - Did anyone get really really red cheeks when taking antibiotics with a topical retinoid? It's so embarrassing, people k
  8. tis ok. i've been put onto 4 x 250 mg tetra a day too. im sure we'll be fine, and just keep thinking positively CLEAR SKIN CLEAR SKIN CLEAR SKIN Muchos Liebe Walking City
  9. no ibs.. extreme bloating. and the long term usage lowered my overall health and immune system. right after i stopped it, i really needed all the health i could get, because i caught mono, had a huge tonsil infection which my body couldnt fight. had to have emergency surgery, was in the hospital for a wk, didnt eat anything whatsoever for 2 wks, lost 50 lbs (was heavy into weight lifting). antibiotics are real good for you I've had all those things, mono, trips to the ER, norwalk virus etc....
  10. Hey-ho talax Well, I'm sort of in the same boat as you. I've just been put on oxytetracycline and differin gel, when really I wanted to go straight to accutane. But GPs and doctors will only put you onto a course of antibiotics, and dermatologists will usually only let you have a course of accutane after you've tried antibiotics for at least 2 months. I know, no results as of yet with me either. But keep it up! Everyone reacts differently to medication. Maybe antibiotics worsen some peoples
  11. No dermatologist that knows what they're doing is going to prescribe accutane if you haven't tried antibiotics, unless your acne is SEVERE severe SEVERE. I'm currently on accutane, after trying about 10 different things. I wish he'd given it to me sooner, but if I had known how bad the side effects are, I would've thought twice. I'm not talking about the dangerous, potential side effects, either! The "dry lips" and "dry skin" people talk about are very bothersome. My lips peel constantly--eve
  12. Sigh, that's the thing though. It's not pretty mild. The GP said it was definately mid-level moderate. But thanks popeye18! Muchos Liebe Walking City
  13. Has anyone ever purchased that ebook, Acne Free in 3 Daysâ„¢ by Chris Gibson? Has anyone been desperate enough to buy it, and if so, what 'miracle information' did it claim to have? I'm getting so darned desperate! It's stupid really, I mean, I know it's a scam. I'm sure it's a scam. But are there ever any truth in these things? The problem is, these websites look pretty convincing, or from an information stand-point, look pretty convincing... Hmmm, just pondering. But doesn't it just make yo
  14. Well, I finally plucked up the courage and visited my GP today. I was so nervous, it was really strange. She was really nice, and is the first person ever to acknowledge that I do have a skin problem (my mum and dad just say I have a few spots, but me and my GP know its moderate acne). Anyhoodles, she was muchos nice, but just did the usual take antibiotics thing. Now, I've never taken antibiotics for my acne before, but from what I see on this site, no-one really has any luck with it (please,
  15. Oh for fluff's sake. What is with all this whining on about Proactiv ruining lives? Honestly, get a grip. It's just benzoyl peroxide, quit using it if it's mooshing your face. Your acne will be getting worse by itself.