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  1. Since my last post was discarded because for some reson people think its wierd to expressemotion or to just randomly put in exlamation points, I will try again. Please can anyone tell me if they know somebody who does skin needling in the Shreveport/ Bossier Area, or somewhere not too far away. Thanks!! Love you all! PS: Exlamation points don't always mean yelling, sometimes they can be used to draw attention.
  2. I just asked a normal question, can you stop being so rude. Why did you reply if you had no answer? Were my exlamation points bothering you so much? Or were you just trieing to take your anger out on some random person? So, can anyone help me? Please do!!!!! PS: Here are some more exlamation points to annoy you: !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!look at them go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Please I live in shreveport, and I got my scars exised which removed the scartissue that everydoctor said couldn't be changed because of the type of discolorations my scars had, they also got flatter, but I still need skin needling. Does anyone know of a doctor around the Shreveport/Bossier City area that can perform it??? Please help!!! I'm begging you guys!!
  4. Duh, no matter what a gel says you can't treat stretch marks with a cream or gel, bacause they are you far under the epidermus, only lasers get rid f strech marks
  5. Dr. John P. Valulis from Louisiana State University Hospital in Shreveport
  6. Hi Tom, my scars were about the same size as yours, the largest was on the bridge of my nose and almost 1 sm, the rest were 4mm perhaps 5mm. I had a total of 10 scars exised, 7 of them were on my forehead. I have light olive skin, so my doctor though that even though it is light anysort of dermabration is out of question so the plastic surgent recomended exision. It's okay to do it on your forehead because after the surgery due to th scabs and stiches and the dermabond (make sure to talk about u
  7. Should have used dermabond insted of stiches, or stiches for 2 days tops and then get them removed and put dermabond on. Thats what my doctor did, and I have absolutly no indintation. Also the flatness of your scars will depend on how much fat you have in the surrounding skin, sorry to tell you but the less fat you have, the better exision will work. I'm pretty skiny so my scars turned out flat since there was less fat in the surrounding tissue and thus ut was easier to fill in the whole wit
  8. People I got exision done a few days ago, and here is something you MUST CONSIDER!!! Stiches, sure they hold your skin together, sure you need to get them, but a good doctor will probably recomend the use of this new stuff called dermabond. Dermabond is skin glue, not as strong as stiches but great for inside stiches and outer ones as they can dissolve in the skin and then fall off easily along with the scab. The doctor couldn't use dermabond as outside stiches on every one of my chicken pox sc
  9. HEY!!! THIS COULD BE VERY IMPORTANT TO YOU SO PLEASE READ!! IF YOU HAVE CHICKEN POX SCARS OR DEPESSED INDENTED SCARS THEN PLEASE READ!!! I have(had) about 10 chicek pox scars on my face, so I was really depressed. I wisited a plastic surgent about 2 years ago, he said the same thing, and he could do nothing to help, then about 1 month ago I visited another plastic surjent, and he gave me GREAT NEW!!!!! I'VE NEVER BEEN THIS HAPPY!!! Here is the perfect treatment fot chicken pox scars!!! My doc
  10. DO NOT use them on your cheeks, where the eye are meets the cheek, that tore my skin and it got extremly red and kinda like a burn, or a lightl scrape Painful!!!!
  11. I had chicken pox about 7 years ago and it left pitted scars simmilr to those you can get from acne. In a few weeks I'll be getting surgery to fix the larger ones, but the smaller are still a problem. So I was wondering would this work on evening the skin tone on the bottom of pitted chicken pox scars?