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  1. Anyone know anything about this product? Doesn't say what percent concentration it is though. http://www.rxsystemspf.com/Details.aspx?NavID=110
  2. Can someone recommend a good over the counter product with Azelaic Acid - preferably 20%?
  3. Has anyone ever purchased these medications from either Ebay or Amazon? I see a bunch of listings but they all seem to be from countries like Romania, Poland or Thailand. Just wondering if it's safe.
  4. Bumping this because I'd like to hear some more experiences on this. Minocycline has kept my adult acne (I'm 35) relatively under control but I eventually want to get off of it. Does anyone have any success stories?
  5. I always wash my hands immediately after applying. Still getting some pretty bad peeling, especially on the fingertips.
  6. Anybody else get skin peeling on their fingers from applying the AHA? Anyway to remedy or avoid it besides applying moisturizer?
  7. Thanks for the advice. I'll definitely take it all into consideration.
  8. I'd like some input on this as well. I started taking 1 x 100 mg instead last week instead of my normal 2 x 100 mg and now I'm not taking any. Getting a little scared because I've had a bad breakout the last couple of days.
  9. I'd like to stop taking minocycline after 3 years. It's contained my acne at times but overall, I still get bad breakouts. Have any of you stopped taking antibiotics? Is this a good idea or should I expect a massive breakout after stopping?
  10. What if I'm not using any type of BP wash or treatment? Will AHA still cause some serious peeling at first? My current regimen just consists of Theraneem soap and aloe vera gel. Should I use it before or after the aloe vera?
  11. Is there a Hibiclens tutorial around here? Do I use it before or after my regular cleanser. How do I apply it and how long do I leave it on? Can I used Retin-A or BP after using it?
  12. Has anybody had experience using both concurrently? Would this be too harsh on my skin?
  13. Even with minocycline? I thought 200 mg was a normal dose for a lot of people?