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  1. well..i'm pretty much better now and still using dove and still clear..maybe it was the Mono but i do like how the dove makes my skin feel..so soft and pretty..it almost makes your skin look transluscent..
  2. this is gonna sound weird but here goes..i've had mild acne for a while..and tried everything! but i always got some spots..anyhoo about a month ago I caught Mononucleosis and was very very sick for a month...i was too sick to sit there and apply BP lotions and face masks etc etc so I just washed my face with Dove bar night and morning in the shower and strangely enough..my face was clearer than its ever been...now that i'm better..i have 1 pimple but i'm still using Dove because it makes my ski
  3. i've used vaseline and have liked it alot when my skin is very dry cuz of BP..if I have a dried out zit(after I've dried it out with BP) I now put a dab of Zincofax on it at night and by the next morning the dry skin comes off and looks really nice...
  4. after i was minocin i got iBS..it was terrible..get yourself on probiotics ASAP..and never stop taking them
  5. been on diane for a month and I'm totally clear of active acne..i'm just battling red marks now
  6. diane has made me very depressed and emotional..has any one else expreinced this?? what have you done to stop it?? its very bad..sometimes I'm very very happy..other times all I want to do is curl up into a ball and cry and disappear..just wither away... but i cant stop diane..i need it to help my Poly cystic ovarian syndrome..i'm soo down
  7. i've been on diane for a month and while my skin has gotten clearer, Ive gotten some odd cyst like zits on my forhead...which I NEVER get! odd btu whatever...i've also noticed im always hungry and very very emotional..like I'm ALWAYS pms-ing!! depressed and slightly manic...
  8. revlon skinlights in warm light..wow..i mix it with my foundation and my skin looks perfect even though it most definitely is not!
  9. I have no live acne anymore but am FULL of stubborn red marks..does using a scrub help fade them?? I dont want to add new things like AHA or anything cuz i have very sensitive skin that will break out if I add anything new..I've used St Ives scrub in the past..will it help fade the marks???
  10. i've been on diane 35 for over a week and its helped already...cant say much about long term effects yet though
  11. i've been on for a week now and have def noticed I'm more emotional..i cry at the drop of a hat..is diane to blame? or just me?!?!
  12. i've bene on diane 35 for almost week ..I have mild acne..how long does it take to kick in?? cuz I want to look perfect for a party on march 10..u think thats too soon???? my DR had said it takes about 1 month for moderate acne to eb under control..what about more mild acne??
  13. at the begining of this week my skin began drying out like crazy crazy! so I stopped using BP and weirdness of all weirdnesses....i've gotten cleared up..until this week I was always getting one or two new zits a day..so I was never totally clear..has anyone else experienced this??? now i'm nto sure what I should do?? do I go abck on BP?? stay off?/ try something new??
  14. clean and clear deep action cream cleanser..i love it...and it doesnt dry your face!
  15. well..my cleanser has a bit of SA in it so I guess that balances the basic Baking Soda...I've used it as a scrub before and loved it..but leaving it on for a while had made a big difference in my skin tone...I looked up baking soda and acne on google and strangely enough..most sites recomend you leave it on a zit for a couple of minutes before rinsing it off... I've used clay masks before and they are usually too drying or break me out..this does neither and makes my skin feel amazing..so i'm ho