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  1. I was on Ortho Tricyclen Lo, and, for me personally, it held back most of my acne. I'd still have some little bumps here and there but for the most part, my skin reacted well to it. I don't remember ever having any adverse effects to skin or hair.
  2. I would immediately stop using the clarisonic. That sucker must have been to rough for my skin 'cause it broke me out when I used it. You should go back to your ob/gyn and request a different birth control. I used Ortho Tricyclen Lo and had no problems...it didn't keep me completely clear, but it controlled the acne a good bit...so it's possible it could work for you. Do you use any other treatments besides your face wash? Benzoyl peroxide is really great for pimples. I also suggest a glycolic
  3. Try glycolic acid peels and a spot lightening treatment. You could also add a tiny bit of baking soda to a bit of your face wash every 2-3 days for a gentle exfoliation.
  4. Oh that is horrible timing. You must be so anxious....well, there is a way to hide it! And don't be scared, but you can use makeup! Now don't think drag queen, you just need to hide the one spot is all. I suggest first apply really good moisturizer. Let that sit for 15-20 minutes, then pat on some green color corrector/concealer. Maybelline has a super cheap one, it comes in a tube. So dab it on the spot, and gently blur the edges. After that, use a long lasting concealer that's a color as clo
  5. I'm sorry you're feeling this way and going through all this BS. It's especially tough at your age. I know you'll probably hear this over and over but don't give up. I know it seems like you're trying everything, and testing out so many products, but you have to keep trying until you find ones that work for you. It'll take awhile, but eventually you'll have the proper items to help keep your skin in check. I've had a holy grail face wash, toner, serum, and moisturizer, and lightening products. I
  6. Do you know what undertone you have? You might be able to find a pale foundation at the drugstore. Maybelline Fit Me and Loreal Tru Match are some pretty good foundations, but I can't recall their shades....I'm a light-medium brown with yellow undertones myself, so I never bothered checking the lighter colors. Revlon Colorstay is one many people swear by, it was good back when I used it, but it can be hard to match sometimes. If you're willing to splurge on some high end foundations, Make Up For
  7. I had a customer who was clearly a health nut. He stared at my face for about 10 seconds and then told me I should apply flaxseed oil to my face. He kept going on and on, but I just smiled and tuned him out after his first sentence. I now wish I had told him to apply some manners to his conversational skills.
  8. The problem is clearly the skin care products. Is it mandatory that you use them while you work there? Your skin is more important than their products, if you're having a bad reaction, just go back to using what works for you. Or if it's not affordable, keep trying other products until you find one that works. The drugstore has some skin care that is pretty comparable to high end, and they're very affordable. Anytime I get a bad reaction from something, I drop it immediately and move on to som
  9. Try ordering off amazon. If they don't have the panoxyl brand, just use a different brand that has a bunch of good reviews. I suggest using the milder version all over (if you need it) and the stronger version on the really bad spots, and use a heavy oil-free moisturizer.
  10. I feel your pain. I'm quit similar to you, oily face except super dry around the mouth and in my nose creases. I found that cream cleansers are really great. I loved foam cleansers when I was young, but they dried me out, even when they were gentle and for sensitive skin. My face was actually oilier using those products. Neutrogena made a soy cleanser that was super good and gentle, also great for brightening, but they discontinued it. Currently I'm using a gel cleanser which is not as good and
  11. My kids are only 8 and 7 but I already know they're in for it when they hit their teens. My father had horrible acne, and so did I. My girl had a pimple or two a couple months ago, which turned out to be the sunscreen clogging her pores. I made sure that she washed her face better and the problem went away. Sometimes it also happens when she's been super active and hasn't been cleaning the sweat from her skin...again, I just made sure she washed her face better. She just used her body wash, bu
  12. I think it might just depend on your skin type and ethnic background. I'm part asian, so all my hyperpigmentation turns from red to brown. I haven't seen the white happen before, but a lot of people's skins react in different ways. Your skin looks pretty good, considering. If they really bother you, products to even out skin tone and fade spots will help with that.
  13. I'm sorry you're going through such a hard time right now. I wish I could wipe away the stress of the past year, but sadly, we all have to suffer. First thing you should do, is go back to your ob/gyn and say you want a different birth control. Personally, I used Ortho Trycyclen Lo. (The regular one made me nauseous.) It helped with the majority of my breakouts. I stopped taking it for personal reasons, and my skin went crazy. I've been thinking about going back on it but I'm not in the mood t
  14. It's so great that you're positive about this. If I could go back to when I was your age, I'd tell myself a few things that probably would have prevented my acne from going from bad to the mess of indented scars that I have now. Number one would be, change the diet. I swear, my skin would be much improved if I had eaten healthier and drank more water back then. Number two, exercise. Number three, invest in a really good skin care regimen and avoid makeup that's bad for skin. Number four, get a
  15. This might be TMI, but I take a warm shower and then apply PanOxl face wash to my shoulders and upper chest area and let it sit for 3-5 minutes. I rinse off with cool water. I get a few breakouts every now and then in these areas (due to sweating I guess. it's hot here) but this method has drastically improved the situation for me.