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  1. When my skin first cleared up, i went on sunbeds for about 4-5 weeks. It didn't give me spots or anything, but i stopped because i started getting freckles on my face. So it didn't give me any problems, acne wise. I haven't used one since. St Tropez out the bottle is the way to go i reckon
  2. I have heard soo many times, that it breaks you out. Especially from people that have never even had acne before, so i'd probably not take the risk. Reason i found this out, was because i was pondering the thought of purchasing it, looked on youtube for some reviews on it, and just decided it wasn't worth the risk
  3. I've had clear skin for almost 2 years now, and in that time.. i think i may have switched foundations maybe 3-4 times. I remember one that brought me out in a horrible rash type spot frenzy on my forehead, and i thought 'right thats it, my acne is coming back'. So i immediately stopped using it. Forgot which one it was tho weirdly =/ I've been using Rimmel Lasting Finish for the longest. It gives me fantastic coverage, my skin is used to it and i feel no need to change to another brand at all.
  4. I totally recommend Rimmel Volume Flash Mascara. It's £5 in the UK and it's amazing. Best mascara i've ever used. I've been rebuying it for the last year or so. If you look on my photographs, since my skin has cleared up, you'll see how long it makes my eyelashes. <3
  5. hey matey thanks for the add.

    you're looking all beautiful there ^_^

    congrats and hope you have that awesome skin forever and never have to see a pimple again.

  6. I think you look beautiful...i hope i have the same results as you...my skin isnt as bad as yours was.but i'm as faired skinned as you and that makes everything look worse! How long before you stopped breaking out?

  7. I was on Roaccutane for about 5 1/2 months, and they took me off it about 4-5 weeks ago. Im going into town today, to see if i can start using a sunbed. This will be ok wont it? Ive got an appointment at the dermotologists tomorrow aswell, and they wont say anything if they find out ive used a sunbed, will they? Just double checking that Roaccutane and sunbeds are alright together.
  8. Hey can you help me Rachel, how do I post a topic??

  9. Im kinda freaking out... Had an appointment at the dermotologists today, and she had a look at my face, and pondered whether to take me off it or not. Eventually, she decided to keep me on it for another month, and then consider coming off it on my next appointment. I thought yep, thats fine Then she checked on the computer for my last blood tests results... And found that somethings being a bit too higher then it should be. I think it was fat or something. But, sounds like thats down to them
  10. *..Rachel..*

    Webcam Pics

    Taken with webcam...
  11. I use blushers from Body Shop, and it doesnt break me out. None of their products do
  12. I use powder. And have never used a liquid foundation. Just thinking about using a liquid one makes me cringe. I just dont like the idea at all
  13. Thank youu very much! Well you added mee, so i thought id add you =] xxx

  14. Thanks for the request Rachel....I like your gallery.