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  1. Well I use a cleanser, Im getting ready to switch to Eucerins sensitive skin cleanser, But right now Im using Purpose gentle cleanser. After that I apply the BP. Then I normally Use aloe vera gel because I heard such great reviews and sometimes I mix jojoba oil with it or sometimes I use the jojoba oil by itself. Although the redness really didnt start until I got Dans BP, before that I used stridex power pads, but I dont think I was getting enough BP on my skin from them.
  2. I started the regimen about 2 to 3 weeks ago, I switched from a BP product to Dans BP. I only apply it under my mouth and chin area where I get my breakouts. But that whole entire area is red. Not just the pimples, they are actually going away, but that whole area is red. Is this normal and will it go away?
  3. Could you tell me what you know about Jojoba oil? How beneficial is it exactly? I considered using this at night by itself as my moisturizer, I read a lot about it on here and how well it moisturizes dry skin. Even Dan included it in his moisturizer. I hear its not comedogenic whatsoever, apparently it rates in at 0 on the comedogenic chart. Is any of that true? Thank you for any info
  4. As far as I know yes, and it also helps soothe the redness with its licorice extract. I just heard that their products clog pores and end up causing more acne, thats why i thought i would ask first.
  5. For anyone who is using Eucerin products or who has used them. I was interested in the Rednedd relief line. Specifically the cleanser and the moisturizers. Can you tell me if they are any good? Even if youve used the sensitive skin moisturizer, any info about that would be great to. Im just trying to find a cheap over the counter moisturizer....and eucerin looks good but i figured i would get some opinions. thanks
  6. Hello there. I was looking into the eucerin products. My derm recommended them and i know a few people who use them and love them. I wanted to try out their redness relief line. Mostly because i have a lot of redness from my acne. But sometimes even when thats gone, my face is still red. I saw that you had their cleanser as a decent one to use on your first page, so I know thats alright. I wanted to ask you about the redness relief moisturizers and also their sensitive skin moisturizer with spf
  7. haha funny story, I was in CVS today looking for products, and i happen to look down and see Queen Helene Mint Julepe Mask and it made me think of here because i remember seeing a post about it. So you can get it at CVS also.
  8. I was interested in their products to, the nutritioniste line.....i dont know how they work though, they look decent.
  9. Thanks for your help snowqueen, thats actually quit interesting. Their product says fragrance free on it, but your right, i looked that up and it does say used for fragrance...haha talk about false advertising. So heres the deal, i already used it a few times before i asked you, if i get irritated from it, i'll sue and we can split the money, haha
  10. Hi snowqueen, I wanted you to check out some ingredients for me. Its for a cleanser, but its not a face cleanser, its a body cleanser, which i do intend to use on my body and not my face. The reason im asking is because i have eczema and i found this new body wash, it says soap free but i called the 1-800 number to double check and they said they dont think it is, haha, so i was hoping you could tell me if any of the ingredients look bad, or if it really does have soap in it or not. Also they sa
  11. Im actually getting ready to try paulas choice products to. I never had good results with Salicylic acid, but im going to give her products a try. As for the dicussion on how long breakouts take to form, i dont know, I tried a moisutrizer once and i saw more breakouts the next day and i kept using it, still seeing breakouts and as soon as i stopped using it my face cleared up again. Thats actually happened with a lot of products ive used, so i really dont believe theres a time limit at all, i
  12. Hey again. Thanks for your help. Im actually going to try Paulas choice BHA's, I have one question about them. My problem is that i have to use something, whatever it is im using, twice a day, if i dont i'll get breakouts. skipped nights, breakouts, missed days, breakouts. So i was going to try 2% BHA Gel at night wait 30 mins put on Green Cream. Then during the day, i really dont want to put retinol on unless i have to, so would the 2% BHA be strong enough by itself to fight off breakouts? If s
  13. Hi There. Im here as everyone is, trying to control my acne. I have a great cleanser right now that im using, but its $25 over the internet one and its getting a bit pricey. Also the time-frame in which i receive it is annoying. I was in Rite aid the other day, which i prefer much more than walmart, on a quest to find a good body wash for my legs since i have eczema there. While i was there, i went to the facial section and looked for a good period of time at all the products. Im trying to find
  14. Hi LionQueen. I read every page of your topic and many other ones. I am also another person trying to get my acne under control. I dont mean to bother you, but i found a few products that interest me while reading and i figured i would ask you more. First off, My acne is mild i would say. I get frequent breakouts but not to the point where i need somthing like accutane. I also have blackheads, mostly around my nose, which arent very visible but still there. And lastly next to my nose on my chee