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  1. Yes you should really get them done before you start the drug or at the very beginning. That way when they get the results it is easy for them to see any abnormalities or problems that are being caused by the accutane as you get further blood tests done. They test your kidney, liver (important one) and some other stuff I can't remember - a general blood count I think. I asked to look at my results at the end of my course to see if I could spy any liver damage - it looked a bit different if
  2. Yes unfortunately accutane is like russian roulette and you can never predict the outcome for each individual. However nowadays we are well informed of the potential consequences. You do not take the drug without knowing the risks and asking yourself can you deal with them? Johnny199r you said life was a million times worse for you on the drug than when you just had acne - it seems to me you have already made your choice and I would advise you do not go back on accutane. As for David Chow I
  3. Love you honey! Mwa :-* You can have my soupy in the fridge if I can have another massage later yay xxx

  4. My lips were EXACTLY like this. I knew it was a side effect and I had read for years people's experiences of it...but you can not appreciate the pain, horror and sheer embarrassment of it until you experience for yourself. Some days I would actualy skip my accutane because they got so bad and I just needed some (very) temporary respite from it. I had started a new job at the start of my accutane journey. I can not but think the impression I have left there of myself. I finished the job before
  5. Howdy everybody! Has anybody here had a tattoo after accutane? If so then cool what did you get! I mean really, how long did you wait and how did it go? Any reactions or abnormalities/problems with healing and was the final result okay? I finished tane about 4 months ago and in another month I would really like to get another (I just have one, a star on my wrist) I just want Liam's name (Jodiat on here) on my wrist....or maybe something on my ankle but either ways it's gonna be small. I'm n
  6. Aw thanks necromancer although I have to give some credit to make up and distance for that lol!
  7. Can only comment on the alcohol.... I haven't had a drop of alcohol in 3 years nearly but it's not like that fact cured my acne. My skin always looks *** anyway the day after drinking; clear or not. I don't think either is good for acne. Maybe look for a new high? I personally like exercise and some bedroom gymnastics a la shakira.
  8. Hello hello! Well it has been a while since I haunted the org but I wanted to come back and share my experience.... About a year ago i started - most predictably - to break out pretty badly again. For almost a decade I had struggled with acne and had been on endless antibiotics, used every otc product going, as well all the prescription creams, gels etc numerous times. And still the return of my acne was as certain as death and taxes. I got offered accutane at 17 and I wish to GOD I had don
  9. You ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-ma-make me happpyyy!!!

  10. Still love you now as much as I did a year and a half ago <3 xxx p.s. it's cold i'm coming back upstairs so make roooom

  11. Boo! I remembered my password! Yay! xxxxxxxxxxx

  12. It is. I posted some info on strengthening the liver from Dr. Lam's site on one of the other DIM threads. But it's the same things (Foods, supplements) we keep reading and discussing in all kinds of threads. I think the thing to do is get real serious about eating plenty of all the sulfur, DIM and CALCIUM D-GLUCARATE containing foods: cruciferous veggies, spinach, apples, etc. Im with you on this for sure. Anything to help phase 2 is going to be needed while using anything that alters Es
  13. awww. Thanx!!! lol. Ur a Shakira fan? I love her.

  14. L'ancome Flash Bronzer. Fab colour good for pale skins and prob twice as good for those lucky olives lol and it's a gel that instantly disappears into your skin i hardly feel like even applied any product, and big bonus it def doesn't break me out! Best facial bronzer ive ever tried for sure. Tanning is prob one of the worst things (externally) you can do for your skin. Acne aside, you is still gonna be running in the donnatella versace leathery skin compo in 10+ years time. I used to be a sunb
  15. Lots of good advice! Especially wynne!! She's right that's why this place is so great most ppl are so helpful. Here's my ten pence (what, i'm british we don't have cents) My older bro is a big tough army guy he gets the occasional few red blimps nothing major but when he does and he's going out anywhere he uses his gf's concealer stick to dab on the spots themselves (nothing else on the rest of the face just concealer) and you can hardly even tell 99% of the time when he's done right . As long