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  1. Secretagent listen to me carefully, If your daughter has severe acne and it's not responding to any treatments, you need to put her on Accutane immediately. Like, today. 90% of the people on this website are cranks. Don't listen to them. That's just the way the Internet works and people need to understand that. If your doctor is recommending Accutane, LISTEN TO HER, not kids on an acne website who DON'T KNOW WHAT THEY ARE TALKING ABOUT. The facts are that many millions of people have taken A
  2. ^^I'm glad to hear that you're glad to hear about what I said, and as I already said and then you said I said, it's all pot luck.
  3. I had extremely oily skin from the age of 12 onward. Suffocating, unrelenting oiliness that could only be cut with alcohol soaked erythromycin pads which I would use just to get that oppressive sludge off my face. At 25 I went on Accutane and the oil was gone in a week. A year after finishing my Accutane course I started getting some slight oiliness and some breakouts. I did 40mg a week Accutane microdose for 8 weeks and the oil has not come back. I've read all sorts of stuff on this. Some
  4. TIP: Ask someone a question about something you know they are interested in or rather passionate about, something they will try to talk thoughtfully and earnestly on. As they are about 4 seconds into their reply, and really winding up to give you an in-depth response, cut them off by interjecting on something completely trivial and unrelated. Watch them deflate like a balloon. APPLICATION One of the best ways to do this is when you are driving in the car. After you've posed the question, a
  5. You should do a conventional course: 1mg per kg of body weight daily reaching a total cumulative dose of >120mg/kg body weight. You look like you weigh about 125-130 lbs., right? So that would mean shooting for around 60mg a day, with a total dose exceeding 7500 mg. Start out slowly, 20mg for two weeks, then go up to 40mg for 2 weeks, then on to the full 60mg dose. The entire course should take you about 20 weeks. As for your claims of being denied Accutane by multiple doctors, I thin
  6. Nice work, Beentheredonethat. Keep knocking heads.
  7. I took my last 40mg micro-dose on December 30. The dry skin/perfect-as-in-absolutely-perfect skin started to wear off about a week ago. I had some micro-zits and some clogged pores and some oil. However, I've added Clinique 5% Benzoyl Peroxide in the morning to my nightly .5% Tazorac and it's keeping me clear. So far. I resumed my workouts on February 1. So far the joint pain hasn't returned. How are you other Low dosers doing? Michael22 and others?
  8. ^ Yeah, Labgirl81 = consistent posting excellence. So, I guess the important thing everyone should be taking away from this thread is that antibiotics do not in fact make your acne worse, but only make your bacteria worse, so to speak, by causing them to become resistant to antibiotics. And that even this might not necessarily be inevitable, if you take precautions such as using a second antibiotic. And that, although less likely it seems, the resistance may be temporary. In summary, there
  9. 25 and up. No one under 25 (or at least 24) should post here. Otherwise, you're still college age and are probably suffering from the tail end of adolescent acne. Even if you do have adult acne at 20, you aren't dealing with the same issues as the true adult sufferer, so it's a moot point anyway. If it's worth making the distinction, it's worth keeping this forum Over 24.
  10. Here is a more nuanced attempt at my original very important question, so pay attention. I want to know if the resistant bacteria that results from prolonged antibiotic use causes acne that is qualitatively different (i.e., or more severe or more tenacious [longer lasting]). Or whether it just causes the same degree of acne you would have had otherwise, only it is no longer suppressible with antibiotics. For example, let's suppose we have an acne patient Mr. X. Mr. X has moderate acne ---&g
  11. Fender Bender, Grow_To_Overthrow is right about light therapy. He's almost got me convinced to try it, too, because it sounds very promising. Very forward thinking, very hi-tech. Here's a picture he sent of one of his treatment sessions. Good luck. Paul
  12. Will the posters responsible for the three replies preceding this one be so kind as to delete their responses. They were absolutely worthless. I'd like to redirect everyone's attention to the parenthetical enjoinder in the original topic in which it was requested that we avoid unsubstantiated anectdotal reports, pure speculation, and statements of opinion in our replies. And I'd also add that we can skip any further discussion of bar soap?