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  1. Hi Stylist17, I'm afraid you need to look at more research and articles on SD. It's pretty common and often it causes flares in folks in colder, Winter months. Yes, coal tar may work for some, but there are other options as well that work too: Nizoral, Zinc Pyrothinone, Clindamycin, Salicylic acid, other keralytic agents (retinoids, mandelic acid, lactic acid, etc.). I use Nizoral foam (Extina) and it softens my skin and keeps the bumps at bay! Without it, my forehead would be super sc
  2. Hi - Use a hydrating and gentle (and non comedogenic) cleanser. A cleanser without SLS (sodium laureth/laurly) sulfate is idea. Sulfates dry the skin out and can cause irritation in some folks. Even Cetaphil has SLS in it. Skin Medica, Fresh, and Free and Clear cleansers are SLS free. There are lots out on the internet as well. Hydrate with a good moisteriser, I used MD Forte cream for night-time while I was on low dose Accutane a few years ago. Good luck. Yvette
  3. Hi- I do see dry, flakey skin. Have you seen a Derm. to get an opinion? You might want to try using a hydrating cleanser and/or a light moisteriser to give your skin hydration. Washing very lightly with a hydrating cleanser will remove dirt/debris but also remove the flakes without exacerbating your dryness. You need to get a little moisture into your skin. Also, not sure if it's cold/Winter in your area, but that can cause additional dryness. My skin is a little drier not that it's Winte
  4. Hi Stylist17, You may want to check this board and the internet, seborrhea dermatitis is not uncommon in adults at all. It occurs from an abundance of yeast, and is un-curable but manageable. If you have itchy and scaley skin (sometimes with bumps or pin dot plugs) it's probably SD. There are many remedies to keep it at bay, the worst time for SD to flare is often colder Winter weather. Yvette
  5. Hi - It very much sounds like SD or seborrhea dermatitis. I have it also and it flares more in the Winter when it's colder. My forehead gets a bit scaley and has little pin-dot bumps or thingys too. The Spring/Summer it's mild as this time of year more moisture is in the air and it's sunny. The sun is good for our skins in mild amounts. My Derm. also prescribed Nizoral shampoo for my scalp, which I use twice a week. I use either the Nizoral shampoo mixed with my gentle face cleanser a
  6. Hi - Yes, I'd stop the steroid. I'd chat with your Derm. about the best way to wean off or stop. If you stop "cold turkey" you may cause a major flare that lasts. I'd discuss what other topicals would be suitable for your seborrhea. You will need something that helps exfoliate the buildup/scales but gently. If you like the oilatum as a moisteriser you can continue to use as needed. Good luck. Yvette
  7. Hi - Any type of steroid, even over the counter hydrocortisone should not be used longer than a few weeks maximum. They are to be used temporarily only as they thin the skin and can cause "rebound" and worse issues if used for longer. Once you stop use, your skin rebounds as it's been dependent on the medication. Many Rosaceans have gotten steroid induced Rosacea from using creams for prolonged periods. I'd talk to your Derm. and get off the steroids quick!! If you have seborrhea, bett
  8. Hi - No, you're not suppose to wax on Accutane. You can gently pluck your brows or get them threaded. Ask your Derm. for specifics. Other no-no's on Tane, no tanning, being out in the cold/harsh weather, no lasers, no acids/retinoids, vitamin A supplements, St. John's Wort, to name a few. Good luck. Yvette
  9. Hi - Yes, the first month or two (or more depending on your acne) is a purging and clearing stage. The more mild your acne and the lower your Accutane dose the lesser your IB (initial breakout will be). The more moderate-severe your acne is and the higher the dose the purging may last longer. It really depends on how much acne is under your skin (not visible). My acne was mild and my IB lasted a few weeks only and then I cleared from there. Normally, you will purge (more acne) then you w
  10. You look great - congratulations!! Yvette
  11. Hi - My Derm. actually recommended either brand (Roche) or Sotret when I started Accutane. Supposedly all the generics work the same, however, they felt Sotret was the best of the generics. I was very happy with Sotret - was clear after one or two months on it. It was amazing!
  12. Hi - My skin is slightly less oily after Accutane (1 year post) but not dry or crackly. I wish I was in your boat - my mild acne came back too. What does your Derm. suggest? There is a good oil free cream by MD Forte, that is hydrating and soothing you may want to check out. I used that on Accutane and if I'm really dry it sooths my skin without clogging. Good luck. Yvette
  13. Hi- A salicylic acid cleanser or mask will help pull the blackheads out. I have a mask by LaPrairie (clay balancing mask) that has some acids in it and really clears out blackheads. It has soothing ingredients in it also. Another option if your blackheads are stubborn and persistent, find a nice spa with a trained esthetician. A good cleanse and lite steam and mask - she will be able to push the blackheads out for you. Good luck. Yvette
  14. Hi chanelwy, Thanks for your feedback. I've taken two doses - both each night with dinner. This morning I woke up with a headache. I read headaches can be a side effect. And the past two nights, my sleep has been more "light" and when I wake up feel I didn't sleep good. On the flip side, no increase breakouts or skin issues, so that's cool. Yes, I will watch my banana intake - I usually have one every morning so I will cut that out. I see my Derm. tomorrow and will ask about the differ
  15. Hi chanelwy, Thanks for your response. If you don't mind me asking, what kind of BCP are you taking? My Derm. initially prescribed YAZ last year - I took it for week and stopped. I felt weak, dizzy, and lost 4lbs. I'm a tiny gal so was nervous about being dizzy and losing weight. The thing is in YAZ it does have a similar ingredient in it to spirolactone. Hmmm... I really don't want to take both BCP and Spiro. When I took the BCP, I took it at night before bed. I'm wondering if I sho
  16. Hey All - Saw the posts on Spiro....thought I'd inquire how much it's working for you all? I'm 41, took Accutane 2 years ago for mild but persistent jawline/forehead acne (mostly hormonal). Seven months of stopping Tane, the mild acne came back. I'm using a few topicals which help, but not totally. I don't want to take BCP, but my Derm. said I could try Spiro. I do have lower blood pressure, but not severely low. Does Spiro really help reduce acne/oil even without BCP? Does it mess
  17. Hi - Accutane works wonders but NO do not tan while on it. Accutane makes your skin thinner, drier, and more susceptible to burning (quickly). I wouldn't risk it. Your Derm. will likely tell you the same thing. Wear SPF 30+ during the day and stay out of the sun as much as possible. I was on Accutane in Spring-Winter 2007 and though I didn't tan, I could feel the suns burning rays on my skin (had SPF on) very quickly on my skin so I tried staying in the shade most of the time. Good lu
  18. Hi - I took a full course of Accutane but knew ahead of time to possibly expect hair loss/thinning. So, I asked my Derm. what supplements may help - I took Biotin, vitamin E, and hair supplements called Kerastase. It helped some. I also took other supplements on Accutane - probiotics, vitamin C, and grape seed. I experienced mild hairloss toward the end of my treatment and after stopping Tane, the hairloss slowed down and stopped by 4-6 months. My personal MD. said hairloss is common and
  19. Hi - I had (have) mild acne and was on Accutane in 2007. The milder the acne and the lower the starting dose, the lesser chances of an IB or major breakouts when starting. Not sure what dose you're starting with, but if something like 20mg or something low, you should be fine. I started at 10mg. Keep in mind any acne you have on your face "may flare up" into whiteheads again, but I assure you after a very short time, your skin will smooth out and feel soft like a child's. It's that ama
  20. Hi - I wanted to add my two cents - some people are allergic or very sensitive to SLS or sulfates. I'm allergic to sulfa and get dermatitis/bumps if I use SLS products. II have to look at ingredients in skincare and toothpaste to NOT have SLS. So while, many aren't allergic, some really are. Yvette
  21. Thanks for your reply and information. Wish you continued success with your regimen. Yvette
  22. Hi - While on Accutane my skin was flawless - smooth and clear. I was on low dose for nine months in 2007. For 6-7 months in 2008 my skin was clear and the mild acne came back. My Derm. said it doesn't cure hormonal acne. Right now, I use Ziana at night and a mild retinol lotion during the day. It keeps me somewhat clearer. Good luck. Yvette
  23. Hey Special Agent, I was looking for someone who was using Aczone and found your log. Your progress looks great so far. Your acne is mild to start and it already looks like the Aczone/Ziana are clearing you more. Yipee! I was on Accutane for 9 months in 2007 (low dose) for mild acne also. I was clear 6-7 months in 2008 and the mild acne came back. I'm using Ziana now too, at night. My skin is a little clearer. My Derm. mentioned Aczone to possibly try and I'm curious about it. Not sure
  24. Hi - Anti-candida or antifungal supplements that are good - Caprylic acid, grapefruit extract, neem, garlic, olive leaf, oil of oregano, green tea, enchinacea. I have most of these (as I'm on low dose antibiotics) and take two kinds a day for a few weeks and then rotate and pick another two. You need to keep the supplements varied - fungus are smart and will learn to adapt if you use the same supplements over time. I also take two probiotics a day - Nature's Way or Dr. Ohirra's are really g
  25. Hi- Last Summer I had IBS and acid reflux. Shortly after, I also found out I had a gluten allergy. I went to a GI doc who did those NICE procedures - endoscopy and colonoscopy. Both tests were normal. He said I didn't have Celiac disease but did have an allergy toward gluten. He didn't recommend going gluten free, and although my diet is very healthy, he said to watch if any foods gave me problems. Anyway, during this time my acne and bumps flared a lot; my face felt like sandpaper from