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  1. Romeo you never posted your shaving method? I am interested in how you do it. I always seems to break out slightly or create more red marks whenever I shave.
  2. Let me tell ya something, it really works! I swim all the time. It's one of the best fighters against acne. In fact swimming is my main regimen against acne now along with vitamin B5. I haven't finished my 3 month dose of B5 but i think it works pretty good. Combe that with swimming, and my face is usually good. I just have to work on red marks. I barely have any pimpls anymore and if i get them i "swim" them off.
  3. How long after a chemical peel should one wait to use BP? In my case it is a salicylic peel which isn't as rough as the others w/ downtime etc... I'm sorry if this has been answered already but i couldn't find it.
  4. Alright I did the SA peel a short while ago. I went to do a test patch and it seemed fine so i did the whole face. I did burn a little but nothing to harsh like i was afraid of. I didn't do my face all at once so it was prob on for like 5 min perhaps? When should i expect peeling if it occurs, tomorrow?
  5. Well i received my 20% SA but now i'm not to sure if i should try it. I'm scared my skin might not take it well. How long should i leave it on for my first time Robert? I've also ordered the mandelic acid serum 10% which should be coming soon.
  6. Acnekilledmylife THC is "identical" in the body to estrogen. I am just talking about male usage. Females it's a different story.
  7. Yes but this article is old dated back to last summer. It's a good find though. I don't know if patients with mild to moderate acne are treated w/ a low dose though? This shows how powerful accutane is. I think some people should go and try it
  8. Prolonged male use of weed can lead to "female characteristics" If i told you one of the side effects all you guys would think again
  9. Let me give you a little info omgitspres. The main ingredient in weed aka THC is chemically/structurally similiar to estrogen. In fact in our bodies it is pretty much recognized as the same thing. You can do the math from there
  10. Well to tell you the truth i don't really have any scars except for maybe 1 or 2 small ones heh. I haven't used BP in awhile either. I'm doing the peel because i want to see how it works on mainly red spots and hyperpigmentation. I still have acne but it's in control and most of it isn't active. Right now i use mostly vinegar as an exfoliator and manuka honey/oil mix. The vinegar is 5% and i put it on my face undiluted so hopefully i can withstand the 20% SA. I know the peels are more for scars
  11. Hey I just ordered the 20% SA peel. This will be my first time ever doing a peel lol! Do I need copper peptides after or can I skip them? After you do the peel do you leave your face alone from any other products for a few days? My acne isn't gone but it's not to bad. Most of it is redmarks/hyperpigmentation from before and some small ones here and there.
  12. Well i had my first colonic today and I think it went pretty well. It doesn't really hurt, but you will def feel the "stuff" when it's about to come out There was very little discomfort during the whole session and now i feel 10 lbs lighter! I'm just wondering how much you guys pay for your sessions?
  13. I'm going tomorrow for my first colonic!! I'm not to scared but that's maybe because i don't know what to expect. Will let you know how it goes. thanks!
  14. Ya it kicks butt! I'm going for number 6 this weekend. I think i'm going to schedule a colonic after also