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  1. We can heal from over exfoliation many have but as you mentioned it's mainly internal and being gentle. Now with what you said in regards to my before photo that's simply impossible because I was not doing anything to my skin at that time...no exfoliation or products just a gentle cleanser and moisturizer. So I was definitely not about to "tip over." What happened to me was not laser damage but was almost overnight. A horrible reaction to a retinoid. I speak to several people on this board and u
  2. Yeah, no thanks. You don't laser inflamed skin that's like throwing alcohol on a fire. Let's add damage to damage! You baby the skin until it's either healed or until you can tolerate treatments. You focus on your immune system because we all know healing starts from the inside. It's interesting that you're saying to find a good dermatologist because I personally have searched not only the country, but also the world for one (and that's no exaggeration) and they all seem perplexed by this con
  3. I don't see how you can possibly call orange peel skin "mere orange peel" especially in comparison to track marks that go away. Not only is this comment ridiculous it's also diminishing a serious problem. People have taken their lives over this issue so let's try to be a little more understanding of the severity of this condition. Whats even worse is most of the people suffering with this are perpetually inflamed and you cannot do any treatments on inflamed skin.
  4. No updates yet this will be a long process Hi Essie, your skin besides the acne looks good to me...I just see regular skin texture. Some dehydration. I could be wrong though...Maybe it's the photo? But the fact you can use an AHA makes me think it's not a barrier issue since most of us can't tolerate much of anything...even water burns. I hope the best for you. Mine is bright red and bad but I'm hoping to get it even better than it was before the damage. This will take an internal and externa
  5. Hi A Tasmanian fish, Can I ask what caused your sudden orange peel texture? I heard neem oil isn't good for sensitive damaged skin so I'm kind of scared to try it. Maybe diluted? But yet it's so useful for burns. So much controversial information out there! I'm glad you're doing better!
  6. Hey guys, Sorry I haven't updated and I'm so sorry to hear you guys are also experiencing this. It's now been 13 months for me and no improvement. I spoke to someone who healed and am actually trying their method but since it's kind of controversial I'm holding out on talking about it until I know it works. I also just started serrapeptase. And I absolutely believe things get worse without moisturizer even if it burns and stings like hell and causes inflammation. I just use a plain bland eczema
  7. Lmk how you do with microneedling. I've done that in the past when my skin was in good condition but then this happened so not sure what created this look. Keep me posted! And everyone reading this or dealing with this...just to be safe get bloodwork done and get a skin scraping if this condition came out of nowhere. There's so many things that can cause this like an over abundance of demodex mites (gross I know), fungal/Candida infections, barrier issues from over exfoliation, rosacea, dermatit
  8. Thanks for your replies guys. I'm looking for a good barrier repair cream or oil. I did read the FAQ section but I couldn't imagine doing tca cross to my whole face plus that the pores are pin prick holes so not sure how that would work. HA boosters look interesting but it's still very early out for me and I heard you need to wait a year and a half after the damage to really see what you're left with and give time for your barrier to repair itself naturally. I was hoping some of the older poster
  9. Curious how everyone that posted on this thread is doing now? I'm dealing with orange peel skin texture and inflammation from over exfoliation and Retin A. Anyone heal?
  10. Thank you for the well wishes Good luck at the dermatologist!
  11. Hey Concdead! I'm also dealing with retinoid damage and was wondering how long it took for you to recover? Your skin has changed indefinitely? The OP has been to several derms. I know that both she and I were told that yeast is playing a part in this mess, but we aren't sure how big a part. Did your derm prescribe something for the bacterial infection? Yes, hydration is important! I was also put on low dose Xanax because of this LOL....awful! I'm glad you're getting better. I heard it can take
  12. Hey! I probably should have specified that I started out with Skinceuticals retinol .05% then went to Retin A .025. So yea I did start out correctly. I also used sunscreen religiously. But probably exfoliated (lightly) more than I should have. Either way this should not have happened! From researching, I've found that Retin A just isn't good for some skin types. It appears that quite a few people have experienced the same thing. I'm glad it has worked for you though. I just want my skin back! I
  13. Hey ronrox, Yea, it definitely thinned my skin. And my skin was in such a good place before this disaster. Now I'm breaking out once again. I'm trying to rejuvenate the stratum corneum and acid mantle with dermal repair products. No more Retin A for me....never again! It'll probably take a year to 1 1/2 years to recover. I was told I won't see repair until 3-6 cellular cycles due to the fact that the new skin coming in is already damaged. My barrier is in emergency mode and isn't functioning pr
  14. Yea there's some controversy over copper peptides. I found more good things than bad, but then again I found the same w/Retin A too! I don't believe in the uglies either, or the theory that things get worse before they get better. I do believe in skin purging toxins though when a new regime is started, and possibly breaking out before it clears up. If anyone is planning on needling make sure to use a pure hyaluronic serum while needling. And be careful with vitamin c serums or any other acidic
  15. Hey BlobbOrg, I'm glad it was beneficial in some way. Its just some of the basics though, there's quite a few steps to get repair underway. I'll go deeper into it in the future, and hopefully as my skin heals and progresses. Fingers crossed! I just wanted to clarify though, I didn't mean to not use a cleanser I just meant to only rinse with cool water. In my case, a hydrating milk cleanser was necessary to soothe and calm my overly dry skin. But do what's right for you! Hope this helps!