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  1. As a 3 year user of acne.org and another 3-5 years on proactiv. I wouldn't say proactiv was a huge miss. proactiv revitalizing cleanser: probably the worse of the system, since it contains ingredients that will just rinse down the drain and microbeads which are never good rubbing over active acne. proactiv revitalizing toner- is AHA and has great qualities as an exfoliant however does contain witch hazel proactiv repairing treatment- is 2.5% bp. Nothing bad to say but a small fragance I
  2. Review: The active ingredient in this body moisturizer is a form of silicone. That’s great, but why Aveeno chose to list it as active (something that’s permissible because silicones are considered over-the-counter skin protectants) was perhaps to make this body lotion sound more potent than it is. Lots of body (and most facial) moisturizers contain silicone in the same or greater amounts than Aveeno does here, yet those products don’t list silicone as an active ingredient. Regardless, this is a
  3. I am on the regimen and it is a tough search. I actually go w/ what dan recommended in an old video. I use walgreens brand sunscreen, it looks different than it does in the video if you can find it on his blog, but here is the link http://www.walgreens.com/store/c/walgreens-sunscreen-with-zinc-oxide/ID=prod6011721-product I know it comes in a jar instead of pump, which we all know is unsanitary. But if it is your own, just make sure you wash your hands and dry before applying. And It is perfe
  4. But will I be ok, applying this over BP and will both still work effectively?
  5. Yes you can bring pretty much anything on a plane as long as it is 3.4 oz or less and fits in a clear 1qt bag, being that you are taking a carry on. If you are checking the bag it can be as big as you want lol. So just buy dans travel sized BP, or I use the Proactiv repairing lotion 2.5% bp which is 2 oz and they both last considerably long. Refer to this and there rules and you should get through security fast. http://www.tsa.gov/311/index.shtm Source: Myself. Flying out at least once
  6. Ok, so the problem stopped. I think it was caused by too much stress. So i rejoined the gym and tried not to stress as much, and was incredibly careful and gentle applying and doing everything. Sometimes I guess slowing down helps too (applying products and life). Thanks for all the input!
  7. I have been on the regimen for probably 3 years now, and i love it. However I have always hated the texture of my skin. I have tried switching moisturizers and tried Dan's AHA, but have had no luck. AHA has always irritated me, even while patiently waiting and using an entire bottle of it. So I just forgot about it and just did the standard regimen, Face Wash (Purpose Genlte Cleanser), BP (Dan's BP or ProActiv repairing lotion), and Cetaphil moisutrizer. I really want to add Salicyclic Aci
  8. So i started the acne.org regimen back in 2009. And have had good days and some minor bad ones. But lately my skin is at its worse. I havent had acne this bad in a long time and it is really getting to me. I am already under lots of stress. Iam currently studying day and night for the OAT which is an optometry admissions test. And i am very stressed b/c i am wondering if all this work is worth it. And what if i do all this work and i still don't get in. I graduated already with my bio degree
  9. Have always used cetaphil, and is the only one that doesnt irritate my skin. Tried many others when i wanted a less heavier mostuirizer. I incorporated toner after a year on the regimen bc i had always enjoyed toners prior to starting regimen and thought it would help w/ dryness and flakiness (It doesn't but it makes for nicer makeup application.)) I have been using Clinique Mild clarifying lotion as recommended by paula begoun beautypedia.com. And just currently taken it out of my regimen hopin
  10. And have stuck with the regimen like it is a religion. Every day and every night I do the whole process exactly as directed with no alterations. I even still change my pillowcases frequetly and use a different face towel everyday (Always doing laundry w/ no fabric softner). And lately my skin has been really acting up. Im ok, with getting an occasional few pimples, but now I am getting one massive pimple each month after one clears up and I am also getting white heads ( which was the main proble
  11. i have been wondering the same thing. The only answer i have found on the boards is that a spray tan doesn't break you out. Which doesn't really help answer your question about bp wiping off the spray tan. But according to several responses about other products being put on the face after, i would say the same concept applies. The concept being that bp is absorbed into your skin, and will remain there until washed off. So what iam thinking is that spray tans don't necessarily wash off. It wou
  12. According to Paula Begoun beautypedia.com, she gave it a sad face Positively Radiant Tinted Moisturizer SPF 30 by Aveeno Review: Although this tinted moisturizer is available in workable colors for fair to medium skin tones, it does not contain the UVA-protecting ingredients of titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, avobenzone (also known as butyl methoxydibenzoylmethane), ecamsule, or Tinosorb and is not recommended. It is also doubtful that this contains enough soy to discourage skin discolorations
  13. Agreed. Look at paula begouns beautypedia. It helps you pick one that will work for you. I hear boots tinted moisturizer available at target it great. Wet n Wild makes a good one. And cover girls old tinted moisturizer is good. That is what i have found as the best drugstore. On paula's site, she doesn't seem to think much of laura mercier tinted moisturizer b/c of the irritating ingredients. http://www.beautypedia.com/
  14. Well hopefully, since you started using his products and the new moisturizer, on a fresh face, you may not experience it and hopefully the new moisturizer is doing its job. I started this regimen using my own products, and i have been using mostly the same for over a year and a half and my skin is still dry and flaky. But my skin is clear, with the occasional pimple. I have tried other products throughout the time, but nothing has seemed to help. Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones.
  15. I am in the same dilemma as you. I am planning on going to St. Martin which is in the Caribbean's but not till May. But iam wondering if I should stop my regimen or alter it? and about makeup and reapplying sunscreen. However i do have a face sunscreen I do like which i thought i would recommend. Mine is Elta MD Sunscreen and i use the UV clear spf 46. http://www.dermstore.com/list_500300-30004...CFa1d7Aod1RgDBw I searched high and low for the best sunscreen, first trying dan's suggestion, but