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  1. With respect to the Lush employees, I doubt they know whether or not it would make you break out. They also probably just want to make sales ( although you do get some really nice employees, but still they are no dermatologists ). I would recommend finding a fragrance free moisturiser and for other things too. Further, even if a thousand people on this forum say that a certain moisturiser is great, it may not work for you. If this moisturiser causes you to break out, then stop using it. There
  2. Hey! Without seeing a dermatologist you can do many things to clear your acne and this will in turn reduce the inflammation. Like many, many people, cutting out dairy and foods that are high in fat, could be all you need. I would recommend doing this. Drinking lots of water, and sleeping right is also great. I would also reckoned using fragrance free soaps and moisturisers. I would also recommend taking some from of oral medicine. Birth control pills on their own can help a lot if your acne is c
  3. Would anyone be happy to try Skype chats or even just chatting using a messenger ( using just messages on Skype, is one example ) to talk about certain things? I am happy to do Skype video calls at some point but I am super anxious and would feel more comfortable if I could get to know people a little better first.
  4. Hey! I have heard great things about BC for acne. Lots of my friends use BC for acne and it works great for hormonal imbalance. Many dermatologists recommend it for young women.
  5. When was the last time that you had your blood tested? There is a common ( not very common but also not rare ) side effect of isotretinoin that is called a low platelet count. When your skin is injured or broke, platelets clump together and form clots to stop the bleeding and to heal the skin. When you do not have enough platelets in your blood, your body cannot form these clots. Your dermatologist can give you something to help with a low platelet count if this is the case ( e.g. some form of
  6. Why would you have opted for a lower dose over a longer period, kimber607?
  7. Hey! I am sure that isotretinoin continues to work for months after you stop. However, after this period the side effects should stop. I hope that is the case for you! Lovemydogs, I was supposed to start my PhD this month! I just finished my masters degree and I had to postpone it a year as I am too anxious and worried about things. (I am 3 months into my course.)
  8. Hello! What is the maximum daily dosage of isotretinoin that anyone has every heard of?
  9. Hello! I recently got acne for the first time (at 22) and I am on isotretinoin (day 66 today) and I think I am starting to scar a little. Will this Skype group chat be a regular thing? I feel like I need to be able to talk to someone. In a group, or one-to-one. Day dreaming of how I used to be is the hardest thing in the world for me and I need to stop it.