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  1. YOu look a lil sleepy lol cute
  2. I think it's not bad at all. Don't worry too much about it
  3. Piaz

    Day 11

    Good luck. try not to worry about it! Fingers crossed for you =)
  4. Piaz


    Yes, I can see the difference. It's getting better, not that obvious. But it's going there =) Be patient.
  5. Thank you for your kind words. It's appreicated =)

    1. Piaz

      30 Feb 2007

      From the album: Me

      I don't know how come the acnes are all over my face now =( lil ones and itchy T^T
    2. Piaz


      I've always had pimples since in school.
    3. Piaz


      They will be gone soon. Fingers crossed for you =)
    4. Piaz


      You're a hottie! >___<
    5. Piaz

      Dr. Sun did the trick

      ur skin looks great!
    6. You seriously look gorgeous! :(/ Skin looks great.
    7. Piaz

      Photo 103.jpg

      I love your lips your skin seems to be improving a lot
    8. Piaz

      That's me

      funny smile
    9. Piaz

      My scars

      Your skin looks amazing
    10. lol smile next time. No, its not bad at all
    11. Piaz

      Haircut Accutane day2

      You seriously look great! Good luck with accutane! =)
    12. Piaz


      Your skin looks great! awww you got great skin, and that's the bless! it looks very very clear and beautiful to me. Seriously.
    13. From the album: Me

      More present (21y/o) :[
    14. Piaz

      Aged 21 (present)

      Dear, you are so kind. But seriously, there are lil ones all over, and my skin doctor said it's from the gene T.T but everyone in my family has quite ok skin. Without make-up... ah.. T^T Thank you for encouraging =) It's appreciated!
    15. Piaz

      Aged 21 (present)

      From the album: Me

      Aged 21 (present) =( Never once they are gone.