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Picture Comments posted by Piaz

  1. Well then good luck :D

    Hopefully this wont be the 3rd post from me in a row, because i have tried this twice already.

    the asnwer to your question ^. It leaves dark spots.

  2. This may be a stupid question but I was wondering what you have tried to clear up you acne.

    Have you gone to a derm and if so what did they suggest?

    I am 21 however had a very similar case of acne to yours when I was about 18-19. I did go and see a term and was prescribed every antibiotic and topical that was availiable (execpt accutane) but nothing really helped much so all the appointments and medicines were basically a waste of time.

    I would just tell you to hang in there because for me personally I only noticed the acne starting to slowly get better as I have gotten older.

    Currently I only get a couple of pimples on my forehead which is nothing comparred to what I had in the past so it doesnt worry me. I think that over the next year or so I will probably outgrow it so hopefully you are in the same boat to.

    BTW even though I am a guy I can honestly say that you are a goodlooking guy with or without the acne so that is a huge positive.

    Anyway good luck with everything.

    BTW I started lifting weights a couple of years ago how much do you bench?

    My derm prescribed me doxy and retin A also. Once I stopped, it came back =( You've come a long way though Cyberguy. Don't give up! :D