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Status Updates posted by Piaz

  1. It might be hard to find someone like that but there are those oput there. Might be hard to find, but thats what make them special, isn't it :)

    1. thanks for adding me =)

      1. Glad to hear you visited here. Did you get to Bangkok?

        1. Thank you for your kind words. You are so kind =) Your acnes have gone. I only see left spots and scars. It takes time to recover but be patient. Time always flies fast, and you know it! :)

          Good luck to you too, and make sure to keep me up-to-dated.


          Prang x

          1. oh dear, you are sooo kind =) And your acnes aren't bad at all. I'm serious. I bum your skin colour btw!!! delicious lol.

            1. Hey Jose, hows it going?

              1. ThanQ for your comment and kindness! =)

                1. Are you thai?

                  1. Hey cheers for replying on myspace lol

                    1. Thank you for your kind words. It's appreicated =)