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  1. Piaz

    No More Skin Problems

    After having found out that I had GERD (Gastro-Esophageal Reflux Disease) caused by the diet pills I was taking for 7 years; which was the cause of numerous spots all over my facial skin, I've stopped taking it and have become one of the happiest person on earth :) I've seen so many doctors who only prescribed me skin pills and external products. I even had an argument with one of the doctors who insisted that I washed my face too often even though I did it only once-twice a day as he told me t
  2. It might be hard to find someone like that but there are those oput there. Might be hard to find, but thats what make them special, isn't it :)

  3. thanks no noe has ever said that they just say wow he is never going to get a gf

  4. Piaz

    Numerous small spots T^T

    I hate them...
  5. Piaz

    Small spots

    I have small spots all over my face. The derm said I have touched or had some behaviour concerned with touching certain areas of my face. I've avoided touching it but there are still small spots alllll over especially my forehead.. Could it be my hair?? Or when I touch my hair near the forehead?? =(
  6. no bother so how r u then?? have u got yahoo ???

  7. thanks for adding me =)

  8. Can't remember lol. But I definatly went to cambodia and veitnam lol. Is it fun over there?

  9. Glad to hear you visited here. Did you get to Bangkok?

  10. thats cool your fron bangkok. I think I went there once on my way to cambodia

  11. Piaz

    April- May 2007

  12. I think you should go the most natural one with the acid from fruits. I'm not quite sure what vitamin that is though.. But I remembered my previous derm told me it's best for healing left dark spots.
  13. Thank you for your kind words. You are so kind =) Your acnes have gone. I only see left spots and scars. It takes time to recover but be patient. Time always flies fast, and you know it! :)

    Good luck to you too, and make sure to keep me up-to-dated.


    Prang x

  14. Prang, you're awesome, gorgeous, and a really great person. Good luck!

  15. oh dear, you are sooo kind =) And your acnes aren't bad at all. I'm serious. I bum your skin colour btw!!! delicious lol.