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  1. The last time I dermarolled or needled my scars were a while ago and I think some of my scars (rolling scars) have gotten wider, changed shape, or even connected with one another. Am I imagining things or has this happened to anybody else?
  2. on my left cheek where I have rolling scars and icepick scars, the surface of the skin looks shiny and has a kind of waxy appearance to it. Does any body else have this? What causes this to happen? so far the treatments that I have done in that area are chemical peels, tca peel, dermarolling and filler injection. Would any of these treatments cause this shiny skin problem? is there anything I can do to reverse it?
  3. what about electrocautery? probably misspelled it, but i read on this board that they can burn those type of bumps off like a wart. Im really frustrated with these bumps on my nose as well.
  4. eh, didnt work for me, but I didnt follow the directions to a t. I didnt apply any ointments and I couldnt get it to bleed like the op said it should. Dont know if this would have a big effect on results. I might try it again in the future though and try to follow the directions better.
  5. would electrocautery be effective for this type of scarring? has any one tried it with success?
  6. Does terproline cause any irritation like retin a? and can it make icepick or orange peel scarring look better?
  7. Does this really work for indented scarring? anybody see real results yet with indented scarring?
  8. Does terpoline irritate the skin like how retin-a does?
  9. Is this for redmarks or indented scars? And whats the science behind this?
  10. looks mild. I think the first pic is icepick scarring. I have very similar scars as the second pic but a lot more. Are these scarred pores or icepick scarring? What works for this type of scarring?
  11. Does vitamin C cream do anything for scars or skin texture?
  12. I think this is the type of scarring that I have. Has anyone had any success treating this? What can I do to make the texture smoother?
  13. I started this little treatment last friday and now Im on day 9 and I have a really big red scab on my nose. I dont know whether the bump is gone or not. Ill report back after the scab falls off.