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  1. My daughter started using Sage about 5 weeks ago. She uses: A.M. grains face shampoo ices her face 10% miracle zit sunblock 25 SPF old lady cream P.M. grains shampoo ice...ice...ice 10% miracle zit if she has a pimple she puts mitacle zit XX just on the pimple. It has cleared her face 99%!!!!!!!!
  2. My daughter started using sage about 5 weeks ago. At first it made her skin really flakey but I contacted Sage and they said to use the old lady cream before the miracle zit 10%. It worked. Her skin is now almost totally clear. It might seem expensive but it is well worth the money to see her so happy. She had moderate to severe acne before we found Dan's regimen but the 2.5% BP just wasn't strong enough for her face. It did help though. Sage has been the miracle though for her.
  3. Gosh, I feel like a little kid waiting for Santa to come!!!!!!!!!!
  4. [i think the reason you had trouble with the other products was too much of a % of BP and in Proactive, it uses too many combinations of chemicals. Please try Dan's regimen, the only thing you have to lose is pimples.
  5. My daughter started on Dan's regimen 1 month ago with very good results-----about 90% cleared up but she didn't like how long it took. So she started botchla's regimen in the mornings and at night does Botchla's regimen followed with Dan's (alot of 2.5%BP). She has really sensitive skin but this doesn't seem to be bothering her at all because she always uses moituriser. I think the SA wash has really helped her skin to get rid of alot of old skin. She can hardly wait for the new BP that Dan w
  6. Sorry, I had the wrong post. The one I read is on page 2 of "over the counter" It says "What has cleared me up 100%" Sorry for the wrong info. The products are working great for my daughter.
  7. Please read the post on page 1 that says finally something that works......I read it and my daughter started using the products a few days ago and so far so GREAT!!!!!!!
  8. Please try this regimen. It REALLY worked for my daughter. She had been to the dermatologist so many times and Dan's regimen cleared her face 95% in 2 weeks. For under $15.00 you can have clear skin.