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  1. Do you recommend all your clients use a scrub or only non-inflamed acne should use a scrub ? I am currently using the Proactiv kit. Is there anyway you call tell if your skin is "too exfoliated" or when you know you are over-doing it with products? Thanks. Winnie
  2. This just pissed me off. I am 32 have seen doctors since I was 16. Did Accutane at age 19, and acne came back at age 21. If you just did Accutane, good luck, it does not cure - it just postpones, and you get to live with all the side-effects ( like joint pains, headaches ) for years afterwards - or at least I have those side-effects + you get the added benefit of getting your acne back. And I had some pretty mean doctors. I have never had a doctor help me with ANYTHING in my life. All th
  3. Thanks everyone for posting. I can't believe how much I cried this week, makeup streaking all down with the tearsl ( lol ) I am going to try and wear less, esp when I am home. And I will either go to a doctor or maybe try an aesthetician ( sp ) since I am seeing so much recently on - line and that one in CA - facerealityskincare, does on-line consultations. And I met my husband right after my course of Accutane at age 20, and I looked pretty clear. Sometimes I wonder if he even would have
  4. Thanks for the replies I think it is hard because at our family outing all the other women did not wear makeup and looked beautiful. I guess that is why I tried today. My face is just so bad after fighting this for 16 years. The last derm ( about 3 years ago ) was pretty mean. It was hard enough for me to go in there with no makeup on while crying uncontrollably ( the only nice person in the place was her young male secretary - he kept telling me jokes to make me laugh ). But the derm to
  5. I don't post here much, but I had to post today, this is one of my very low days. I am 32 - I have had acne for over 16 years. I have exhausted all measures ( Accutane at age 19, All the retinoids and antibiotics, many over the counter drugs ) I always wear makeup - not so much because I can cover it up, although I try, but more so because that is how I feel confident. Most people would consider me successful - married, nice home, nice job, nice family. But that is the mask. If I go witho
  6. I am thinking of trying green cream - some places I read it is a cooling gel formula but then others it is a cream formula? so is it a gel or a cream?
  7. I am trying the Loreal True match. I have been wearing Clinique Stay True for over 10 years !!!. Yes, that is right 10 years. But I really wanted a makeup with an SPF now that I am 32 and live in Florida. I tried Colorstay, but it was very hard to put on and like some of the other posts, I could not get it off. But the coverage and color was excellent. However for some reason the colorstay had a smell that drove me mad. Loreal True match has no smell, blends amazingly well ( even better t
  8. I did not like the kit because I did not like the 2% liquid and the 5% BP. Way to harsh on my skin. personally, if I ever try her products again I would go for the 2% gel and the 2.5% BP. Didn't like the mask in the kit Didn't like the sunscreen The moisturizer was good ( actually that I would buy again ) The 2% liquid felt too greasy for me the 5% BP is too drying But the good thing was I was able to send it back and get a timely refund.
  9. Agree, I had one of the worst reactions ever. I sat with ice on my face thru the entire superbowl - had to bow out of the party I was supposed to go to. Then called in sick the next day just to ice my face more the next day. Took at least a week for my face to recover. And I had only used it for 2 days. Bad, bad stuff.
  10. Ok, so are these coatings ok for our bodies? They look like plastic. I had softgels just go right thru me one time, and I am so scared of the green tea what looks like plastic coating, I am opening up the tablet and pouring it into my green tea. What exactly are the coatings the supplements use? and are they safe ?
  11. I have to eat pizza every single week. It is my one cheat food I cannot and refuse to do without. But now I limit myself to no more than 2 or 3 slices. It's Friday night, just had my pizza - ah, the work week is done. Now if I overeat on pizza, that is bad and I can feel my insulin rising. But for me, and like the other post, if I eat anything in moderation I tend to be fine. Pizza once a week, ice cream twice a week - and that is about the extent of my cheat foods. Maybe a cheat meal if
  12. the7, I checked out the link and I am really surprised at the before and after pictures. How did they reduce the redness so much? AHA - that is glycolic acid right? GA works great, but makes my skin really oily.
  13. Yep Jemini, you are right. Guess I better budget the next kit into my finances for next month. They sent me a 5% coupon and free shipping the next time I order. Guess I will just take the plunge and order the double kit so I can give this a good 6 months.