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  1. Day 103 Well I've had enough of acne. I just can't take it anymore. So i'm going to a dermatalogist today. But real quick here is the rundown: Mouth: 19 Fading red spots, 2 small small irritated areas Forehead: 5 very faint red spots
  2. Day 93 Well. I think my red spots are fading. But I still continue to have acne spring up. Which really makes me sad. Ne ways here's the rundown: Mouth: 12 Fading Red Spots, 1 irritated Area Forehead: 3 Fading Red Spots, 1 Irritated Area
  3. Day 82 I don't want to jinx anything but I think my acne is getting better, now that i've stopped soaking my face. Because right after I stopped I had a big outbreak with a lot of irritated areas. But now they are all gone and are just red spots. So here we go: Mouth: 11 Fading Spots, 0 Irritated Spots (yay) Forehead: 2 small fading spots, 1 irritated spot
  4. Day 71 Well I stopped soaking my face. And a lot of the irritation has stopped. So if you are thinking about soaking your face, DON'T DO IT!!! But My acne has gotten dimmer. I really really really hope it will be pretty much gone by the end of May. Here we go: Mouth: 8 Fading spots and 1 Irritated spot Forehead: 3 Fading spots, 1 hidden irritated spot, and 1 really noticable irritated spot
  5. Day 64 Yup. It's been a long time. I think my acne is better. And I also think that it will get better and might even be gone by the end of May. Hopefully. Here we go: Forehead: 1 spot Mouth: About 11 spots
  6. Day 44 Well. I don't know what of my my acne any more. Better? Worse? I don't really know. It's most like a roller coaster ride. Breakout. Clearing. Almost clear. Breakout. Clearing. Almost clear. Repeat. Yeah. I think it is also having a big effect on my outlook on life. But oh well. At the moment here's the run down: Forehead: Basically nothing Mouth: I'd say probably 20 red marks.
  7. Day 31 Well. It's been a long time since i've wrote. My acne is definently not gone. But it's better. I've had a few small breakouts here and there. But a good chunk of my red marks have gone a way. But I have new ones to get rid of. Forhead: 2 small red marks Mouth: About 8 red marks
  8. Day 19 Haven't been keeping up with this very well. Oh well. I have seen more results. I have added something into my regimen that I think is benefiting me greatly. In the morning, and at nights, I soak my face in my sink, full of warm water. It feels great and seems to do something. Mouth: Just Red Marks like 8 Forehead: Microscopic red marks (not even noticeable) Also during week 2 I had a big break out just like Dan said in his what to expect portion. So so far i've been keeping along side
  9. Yeah. I've got Dan's bp and cleanser and then I got Cetaphil moisturizer. Been following the regimen closely and have been seeing results.
  10. Alright. Thanks. I'll try those places out.
  11. Hey. Does any one know a good 10% alpha hydroxy product that is common at most stores?
  12. Day 9 Still improving. I can't believe this is working so good. I almost feel dumb to keep posting this stuff. I mean so many people (i've read) are stuggling day after day hoping for this to work. And they have no luck. While I keep getiing better and better everyday. N e ways: Forehead: About 4 slightly red Mouth: 6 dim red marks
  13. Day 8 Wow. Skin is clearing up even more. I must confess, however, that I was on a product that used bp before. So I just jumped in by using a lot of bp and my acne seems to fade every day: Forehead: 4 spots not as noticable Mouth: 5 Spots somewhat noticable
  14. Day 7 Been stressed out lately. Luckily it hasn't took an affect on my skin. Skin seems to be the same as yesterday. Maybe a lil better. Forehead: 4 dim red spots Mouth: 6 red spots