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  1. Hey guys! I'm taking accutane for 5 and a half months now on a low dose of 20mg/day with a weight of 80kg. So, I got as many pills as I could in Germany just right before I went to Australia, where I am staying for the next year. Accutane cleared me up completely and after the second months there was no breakout at all anymore. However, I used to have really bad acne, so I am very afraid that it will come back if i'd stop after the 6th month, when I'm gonna be out of drugs. So making an appoin
  2. Yeah right, it still killed me man! But looking back my acne built literally soo much character. You're going out of it so much stronger. And thanks! It already works so well I hardly break out at all, I mainly deal with the red marks now (also a bit scarring), sometimes they're hardly visible but sometimes they are a lot, but i got so much confidence back. My worst side effect is backpain, it's not too bad but i can't lift in the gym anymore, that's why I want to increase my dosage, so i re
  3. Wow when I read these comments, I am glad that I live in a country where most people wouldn't judge you for the way you look. People hardly pointed out my acne even though it was (or is) pretty severe. The most embarrassing thing someone said to me was a little boy in school simpy saying "you got pimples all over your face!" in front of my mates. They found it so funny and picked that one up for months, wouldn't know how it destroyed me. other than that, when I was in Africa I've been asked