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  1. Sorry about being not here haha. I've actually been keeping a sort of written log journal type thing which I find much easier to deal with. I've cut down on stuff that I'm using and been trying to avoid the harsher chemicals. Right now I'm using: Cetaphil cleanser two times a day ACV at night for red marks (this stuff is amazing) TTO on active spots sometimes (but I don't think it really does anything) A mixture of Cetaphil moisturizer/Neutrogena Healthy Skin Face Lotion for non-inflamed acne.
  2. Sorry for the absence. Finals have been hell. I think partially because of all the stress and everything (plus it's that time of the month) my face has been suffering a lot. I did get rid of two nasty ones on my forehead. However, after getting all the gross stuff out I didn't pick at them, which I consider to be a pretty big deal in my tiny little world. So far, so good I suppose.
  3. Alright so this is day 11. I don't really know what to report. My face cleared up magnificently for about five days. Seriously, it was amazing. The active acne was all gone and the red marks were fading incredibly fast. It then went back to the way it was before and has now steadily been breaking out more and more. My acne definitely hasn't gotten worse since it was before I started using baking soda, but it definitely hasn't improved. I know this is supposed to take up to a month to real
  4. I like the features on my face...my eyes are really dark and the pupil is almost indistinguishable from the surrounding area (I forgot what it's called) which I think is pretty cool. I'm a runner (currently training for a 10-miler yeehaw!) so I think my figure in general is nice and toned, although I could use some oblique/stomach work. Couldn't we all? This thread is really nice. I'm glad it's around to counteract all the negativity that has run rampant on these boards.
  5. Thanks for the good luck wish! Yesterday I absentmindedly scratched and opened up a little one on my forehead, but it's almost completely healed now so I almost don't regret that. I've had to really concentrate on not touching my face throughout the day. Chewing gum (for some odd reason) helps me out. I think it's just something to do. Although it hurts after a while to be chewing constantly. So far, relatively good!
  6. Just wanted to pop back in for a minute to say that this absolutely did not work for me. For those who have been successful with it, I'm really glad for you, but I watched for three weeks as my skin got worse and worse, and months later I'm still dealing with the mess. This is supposed to have no IB so for those who are trying it out and instantly get worse skin, I would stop immediately and try something else.
  7. Started this the night before last (so day 2 is coming to a close for me) and I haven't really seen anything extremely positive or negative so far. It is day 2, so I wasn't expecting a miracle, but sometimes I'll start breaking out instantly so it's a good thing I haven't. My skin has been getting rid of all of the old, gross dry skin that was piling up so that's a good sign too I suppose. I use Aveeno Ultra Calming with SPF during the day and Cetaphil at night (when needed). I'll update as
  8. I've been swimming for about six or seven years straight now, three or more times a week with a maximum of a month break between summer and winter seasons. I don't really think it made much of a difference, actually it really dries me out if I'm on the DKR. Plus, three of my really good swimming buddies have severe acne, so I don't see that it's helped them but there's absolutely nothing wrong with giving it a try. Plus, awesome exercise.
  9. I kind of think it depends on the way you approach somebody. If you go towards them with your head down and then all of a sudden it's all "woah, acne!" it can be kind of a surprising thing in a bad way. But if you go up smiling and with confidence they'll look at your smile and eyes first. That's always how it is for me. Plus, us being acne sufferers and all, we hopefully would have the decency to not judge people on their skin but we can't really speak for those who have never had to deal w
  10. Alright, I'm starting this today after developing a huge nasty cyst and then running in to a friend I haven't seen in 6 months. Rather embarrassing. Also, a tip: if you do pick, I wouldn't necessarily apply large amounts of BP because that can just burn the skin and make it scar or take longer to heal. Instead, try applying something like Neosporin or Polysporin that will keep it from getting infected and keep the redness down. Here goes!
  11. Alright, my friends, I must admit: I am an extremely spastic, fast-moving, impatient person. This applies to pretty much everything. Including my acne. Sooo an update is in order: OCM - nope, sorry. Waited faithfully for three weeks for it to do something as my acne got worse and worse. Definitely not trying that ever again. It didn't help my acne or my oily skin. DKR - well, sorta. Yeah, this works, sure. It's also insanely time consuming, leaves my skin really dry, and makes me feel
  12. I just have a quick question to ask. I've been off and on with this regimen and stopped doing it for about a year. However, it is the only thing that has worked and so I'm starting it up again. I have two of the older 4 oz. tubes but they expire next month and I know I won't use them all up by then. So should I throw them out? Does BP really expire? I hate to waste that money, but I'd be willing to sacrifice it for clear skin of course.
  13. It also depends on how long it's been since you started using the sunscreen. Acne can come to the surface two weeks after it has formed so if you just recently started using the sunscreen then that might not be the problem. You wouldn't necessarily get breakouts on your whole face, though. I know parts of my face are more sensitive than others.
  14. I have basically the same concerns. There is no way I intend to stay dependent on this for the rest of my life, especially since I much prefer organic treatments and products. That is entirely too time consuming. I just can't picture being 50 and still applying BP to my face every night. It would be nice if people who have been successful came back years later to tell us if they've had to keep going with it.
  15. Oh I only massaged for about 3 or 4 minutes, then jumped in the shower and let the steam do it's wonders. I'll try massaging a bit longer tonight. I don't thin I have 20 minutes to spare, but we'll see