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  1. Adambanks--I sent you a private message. You can write me back if you want, here, or at my gmail account, which is the same as my username above. Good luck to you.
  2. The labelling on my Rx says "You Should Avoid Prolonged Or Excessive Exposure To Direct And/Or Artificial Sunlight While Taking This Medicine." Plus my derm said "NO!" ("Um...ok. I won't then....") Besides, now that I'm all old and decrepit, I don't want add anymore insult to injury. (Wrinkles are a lot more devastating when they're on YOUR face. Just wait. You'll see.)
  3. I just started on this medicine a couple weeks ago. My derm wrote the Rx contrary to the pharmacy's instructions. He said to MAKE SURE YOU TAKE THIS MEDICINE WITH FOOD. I asked the pharmacist why the instructions were so polar and was told certain foods void the medicine. So, here's what I came away from the pharmacy with: EAT with this stuff. But, no: -- dairy -- antacid medicines -- vitamin C supplements -- any supplements, really, especially not zinc -- stuff that would make your stomach a
  4. I went to Walgreens and bought a pair of those cheap tanning machine goggles. I took a Sharpie pen and coated them twice in black. Then I cut out little pieces of tin foil and covered them with the foil using tiny pieces of tape. On top of the goggles, I wear one of those old-school blindfold/sleeping mask things. Also black. Even with all this, there was still some light behind the goggles under the lamp, but if I don't open my eyes, it's not strong. A little over the top, I know, but
  5. I'm thinking of selling my Beautyskin lamp. This is a tough decision because the sucker cost me $300 and I know it's effective. I bought it a year ago, stuck to the routine for 3 months plus a week or two, and then when I started seeing improvement, abruptly discontinued. (Of course.) It's been sitting in the original packaging all year, waiting for me to make a decision. (In the interest of full disclosure, I should admit here that the real reason I'm selling this lamp is because I want to b
  6. Same here. "Try my fabulous new cleanser/ointment/cream/moisturizer/shellac. It's very effective. Only $99.95." Bastards.
  7. Pharmacies and big general stores like Wal-Mart sell zinc oxide ointment on the aisle where you'd find bandaids and astringents. The ingredients are simple and usually limited to white petroleum, wax, and maybe mineral oil. The same stuff is in diaper rash ointment, except with fragrance and preservatives. (Counterintuitive, don't you think? Shouldn't baby stuff have LESS junk in it, not more? I guess new-baby smell is a big seller or something....) A thin layer of zinc oxide will act as a mo
  8. I saw some improvement after about 90 days but then things got kind of hectic and I fell out of the routine. You really have to stick to a schedule to see results with light treatment. No playing hooky. I've not had a regular schedule for a long time and I'm kind of giving up on myself in that regard. I also have a lot of trouble with body acne, and I felt like a freak trying to stand in front of that thing so the light would hit me just right. (No shirt. Goggles. In the near-dark except for an
  9. I do!!! Just sent you an e-mail message with my contact info. Go to your user page and get it!
  10. Obviously, you have not read anything under this topic. Also, your mom called. She said it's time for your nap.
  11. This brand is AWESOME. I think they make a variety with MSM, but I've not yet tried it. The company is very professional, the service is good, and the product is superior. No funny smells or icky textures. Can't vouch for their other products, but their emu oil is just excellent. http://www.highcascadeemus.com And no trouble so far with pore clogging. Emu oil has a gazillion uses. Have seen it clear up eczema and dermatitis almost instantaneously, improve broken blood vessels and severe bruisi
  12. Thank you both for sharing this. And Baylee, thanks for the bump. I wouldn't have seen this if you didn't do that. Murmur, what you're describing sounds so incredibly familiar to me. I alternate with giving up completely and spending gobs of time on these boards. In between, I take all the pieces of this picture apart in my head and try to put them back together again. I do this again, and again, and again, and again. In addition to all the trouble with my skin, I have horrendous trouble with
  13. Started taking 750 mgs of GABA in November. It's an inhibitory amino acid already present in your body that slows your circuits down so that the alarm responses of anxiety aren't always cranking at 100%. I know of no interactions and the only side effects I've experienced are "pins and needles" and a brief shortness of breath--but only when I do not mix the capsule with a full glass of water. If I follow the instructions on the label, I get zero side effects. After about 4-6 days I noticed I wa