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    Pics of me
  2. heya, you look amazing! so you've done chemical peels... i'm curious, what has been your experience? painful? effective??

  3. I have the exact same problem... terrible mood swings and I can't help it. I'm on Yaz, so it may be from that. Just hang in there, girl. I used to think something was wrong with me too, but many of us girls deal with the same 'ole thing. Letting myself cry it away is what usually works for me... it's just that my hubby doesn't like seeing me cry! I'm also trying to be more positive about myself and that's helping. My depression would get so severe that I'd have suicidal thoughts. Life is tough s
  4. Hey all, thanks for the help... I looked into another thread and was able to get advice on which is the best makeup. I'm still open for suggestions though, as I 'd like to try some different ones. Right now I'm using Combination/Oily L'Oreal Infallible along with L'Oreal Translucent powder. I really like the stuff. Thanks guys!
  5. Hi All, I'm looking into getting Bare Minerals make-up, but first, I wanted to make sure that would work for me. How many of you girls use it and how well does it work? If you want to, take a peek at some of my pics and you'll get an idea of how much coverage I need. Any tips/suggestions are welcomed and will be appreciated! Thanks, Whitney myspace.com/drmgrl88
  6. Acne will go away, your beauty won't.

  7. damn your husband must be happy, i'd love to wake up at your side every day o.o

  8. Suncreen is good to use everyday as a moisturiser and help keep sun damage at bay, however I don't know that it would actually "help" your acne. If you're going to be outside often, you should use a high SPF... I usually go for 25. Murad sells a sunscreen especially for acne-prone skin. www.Murad.com. Hope this helps!
  9. The red marks you see after a blemish heals is called hyper-pigmentation or post acne marks... they're just red marks that will go away in about 8 months to a year. You can purchase products that will help diminish them faster. A scar is caused by damage to the underlying tissue and is usually indented. Time can fade scars, but they will usually never go away. Procedures such as microdermabrasion or chemical peels can help.