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  1. Hi all, As you can tell by my username, I used to live in Atlanta. I am now in the Bluffton, South Carolina area. I am looking for an experienced, recommended doctor with whom I can consult about subcision and filler for rolling scars. Atlanta is five hours away, but I am quite familiar with the city. S Carolina is obviously closer. Please advise. Thank you!
  2. Hi, I've had various treatments to correct scarring and am left with shallow rolling scars. I think a filler may be useful. I tried Restylane and once the swelling went down, there was no evidence of it. Now I'm interested in talking with someone about a permanent filler, such as microdroplet silicone. Can anyone recommend a doctor in the Atlanta area with whom I may consult? Thanks.
  3. I am three days after my third fraxel. I noticed my skin getting very very oily maybe two weeks after my second. I went for my third after 3-1/2 weeks. I asked the fraxel nurse about it and she said it was probably a result of the moisturizer and sunblock I was using. Hard to disagree with that... It will be interesting to see what happens now.
  4. I used to flush very easily...usually when I was even mildly embarrassed or hot. I taught college courses for a while and at times I would have to make up something to write on the chalkboard so I could turn my back to the class. In the last five years or so I haven't really had a problem. I always thought it had something to do with self confidence. I suppose it was rosacea...what's in a name... While this is similar, it seems more frequent and more heat-related. I talked to the Fraxel nurse a
  5. Thank you thank you thank you for the response, unhappenstance. It is nice to know I am not alone. I am scheduled for my third fraxel tomorrow and guess I'll go ahead with it. Then I think I will cool it for a little while (pun intended...). I need to start enjoying my life again!
  6. Has anyone else experienced increasing redness after a second Fraxel? This blushing stuff just happened, maybe one week ago. I turn red as the day progresses, and if I talk with someone and just *think* about it, I'll turn red. Is there any possibility that this is caused by collagen building (she hopefully asks?). I have another Fraxel scheduled for this Friday...can't say I'm looking forward to it right now...
  7. I have scars very similar to yours. I have tried many things...two different, benign lasers, Restylane, and the most extreme, CO2. I am now two weeks after my second Fraxel and I'm really pleased with my progress. People I've known for a long time (I'm 47) tell me I look great, and people I don't know treat me differently than before. Fraxel is not easy, there is downtime, and I think you need the right doc. But I'm pretty pleased. I go in for my 3rd Fraxel in two weeks..first time with the new
  8. I am 48 hours past 2nd Fraxel and my skin looks absolutely nothing like that. It is quite red/beginning to bronze, feels like sandpaper, but no scabs are visible. In contrast to you using no products I use Aveeno ultra-calming moisturizer and Neocutis restorative cream. I have lots of minor whitehead breakouts, for some reason mainly on my forehead where I have never had issues with acne. My redness is double that of last time (2 weeks ago). I think I will wait a month between #2 and #3.
  9. I had my second Fraxel 2 weeks to the day and hour after my first. I am now 48 hours past the second, and I can tell you from personal experience that I think 2 weeks is too close. I don't think I fully healed from the first and the redness is twice as intense this time. I am going stir crazy inside my house, whereas the shut-in time the first time didn't really bother me. I scheduled the third three weeks out but think I will change that to 4 weeks out. According to my Fraxel nurse time in betw
  10. Wow, you're really bitter. I agree I would like to see unretouched photos too, with perfect lighting conditions before and after. Fact is, I don't have a photography studio in my home and as far as I know neither does my dermatologist. Why not read the people's responses who have had Fraxel (sure, words can lie too) and read the third party studies of the efficacy of Fraxel (yep, those numbers can be manipulated). Bottom line, we all do our own research and weight our findings according to our o
  11. Don't have a clue if it's Fraxel 1 or Fraxel 2. I'll call tomorrow and ask. Does it make a big difference? K
  12. Thanks to everyone for the quick replies. Right now I am scheduled for the first Fraxel 3/20 and my first somewhat mandatory outdoors event is 3/25. Judging from your responses that may be too soon... I realize there may never be the "right" time, but I don't want to blow everything by exposing myself to the sun too quickly. If sunscreen and a hat work, great, but I'm not sure I want to risk it. As an aside, this doctor combines Fraxel with "Gentle Waves" LED light therapy. She charges $700/ful
  13. I met with a Doctor today in Atlanta who impressed me. I've struggled with scarring for almost 30 years...believe me, I know how much it can bring a person down. I had CO2 laser in the 90s and two other kinds of laser treatments. I know nothing's perfect, but anyway I am excited about 5 upcoming Fraxel treatments. I've looked at the L-O-N-G message thread for Fraxel, and I'm hoping I can hear from a couple of folks who have recently had Fraxel treatments and they can help me out. Specifically, I