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  1. Ya, it's much smaller than a goldfish bowl. A softball size sounds about right. You can definitely find info on it on the web. It's the thing that Gwenyth Paltrow did and showed off the cupping marks on her back this one award ceremony time. Leave it to celebrities to try the latest and greatest thing. My skin just had small breakouts here and there, but seem to have subsided. I should go back for another treatment soon...
  2. Now that I'm back, I can throw in my two cents. My skin has been pretty good for the past year or so, with some on-and-off. But, my regimen has been only to use witch hazel to clean and that's about it. Just for fun, my father knows this kung-fu master/Chinese TCM doctor from China, and he tried cupping on just one spot on the back of my neck. I've done it 3 times already, and it seems to be ok so far. It's only been about 3 weeks. My skin wasn't too bad to begin with *knock on wood*. He
  3. BenKWeller, Why don't you ask me before assuming that I moved or deleted your thread? Point of fact...I didn't move your thread to the lounge. I was perfectly happy to have it in the diet/holistic health forum. Another mod must've moved it to the lounge, and I'm sure that s/he had her reasons. You are very welcome to have discussions on holistic health and alternative remedies as they interest you so much. As to why you feel the need to dedicate nearly 100% of your time in putting them dow
  4. I didn't suggest tea tree oil on your skin. But rather directly onto the cold sore in your mouth. If that's a no-no too, then...whoop!
  5. Two age old remedies: 1) Rinsing your mouth with salt water. Or direct salt on the wound. Ouch! 2) Tea tree oil. Very antibacterial.
  6. I agree. Your derm recommended Hydrogen peroxide?? That stuff shouldn't be used on the face imo. Even as a catalyst. It's not easy to get the peel to speed up, as mostly it usually takes a set amount of time. Once your skin starts to get into that crusting/peeling phase, then you can get working. Steaming, papaya soap/mask, micro crystals, hot showers.
  7. omgitspres-- I have hairy arms and legs...as does my father! lol Asian countries are not free of acne and their health problems. When I was in China, I saw a number of teenagers with their share of bad skin. Although, in China, much like many countries in the world now, are inundated with Western style restaurants (McDonalds, KFC), so I'm sure that it's having that impact. Buying fresh fish and eating it properly is not easy and not cheap. You also have to be wary of the levels of toxins
  8. My first time was actually rather pleasant. :shh: The hydrotherapist MUST control the level/pressure of the water properly, or else it can be very uncomfortable for you. It was definitely quite the experience.
  9. If it's 100% TTO, then it should have a tingling sensation. Depending on the sensitivity of your skin.
  10. Hey majin, Listen to your skin. Some people find it unnecessary to use moisturizer because they aren't prone to dry skin, so they simply don't use it. If you find yourself not in need of moisturizer, and the regimen is working fine, then just continue on! BP is usually drying, so that's why it's part of the important steps.
  11. Talk to your family doctor directly about your situation, regardless of what your psychiatrist may have told him. If your family doctor is a good one, then he will make his/her own judgement regarding your condition.
  12. Why not bring it with ya? (Cool dark place is usually fine. I believe that it has a very long shelf life in any case)