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  1. I'm like you-high strung and anxious a lot so this is something I struggle with also.
  2. I need help. I know I'm not alone in this. Even when I make a promise to myself to stop picking, I always end up doing it again. Sometimes I do it subcounciously. I'll be at work and my hand will just go to my face, my fingers scanning it for anything to pick apart. I just can't stop myself. I know my skin would greatly improve if I could knock this off. But it seems like everytime I tell myself to stop, I always end up picking apart my face and then cleaning it up and dealing with the damage f
  3. I think it's ok if you let the junk out, but only if it's ready, like you said. When you pick at your face because you're stressed or whatever, that's when you have a problem. (This is a problem I have).
  4. I think RC Ranger made really good points. It is my thought that although, yes, most people are attracted to looks first. BUt I really think personality shines through way more than we give it credit for. If you're around someone and become attracted to them, I think, for me atleast, it has to do with their looks and their personality, ya know? Of course there are people who are concerned with only a person's looks and nothing else. But those people are shallow and only interested in one thing
  5. Yeah! Queen Helene's Mint Julep mask is amazing!
  6. Your skin is like mine, I break out on my cheeks and my forehead is clear. Good luck!
  7. I've decided I want to start eating healthier, so I'm wondering if you guys could answer these questions for me. I apologize if they seem really basic and easy, but I really don't know. 1. What does it mean to say something is "fortified" and why is it bad? 2. I'm considering making a smoothie mixed with all types of fruits and vegetables, but my question is, can you get too much nutrients? I would think that your body would just expel whatever it doesn't need, right? Also would these smoothie
  8. Do you have any hydrogen peroxide? It will make it heal faster if you put something on it that kills the bacteria. You could also try icing it to keep the inflamation down.
  9. Why are you people so sarcastic and rude? Just offer advice or stay out of the effing post. ANYWAY, I have heard good things about tea tree oil, and ice is good for inflamation.
  10. Oread, you can't just say "do a google search". If you google anything, you're going to get results somewhere. Come on, it's the internet. If I googled "Eating apples turns your skin red" I very well might get results, but that doesn't mean it's true. I think basically what Dingo Jellybean is saying (not to speak for you), is that moderate sun exposure is healthy. You really do have to put things like ancient times into your thinking. I would definitely have to agree with the fact that putting
  11. You could try a clay mask. I use Queen Helene Mint Julep mask. Anyone else use this? It's amazing...it makes my skin really soft and clean feeling, cool almost. It also doesn't dry out my skin either. It's really cheap too.
  12. I have acne and I've been dating a guy for six months. He's amazing. He finds me cute and beautiful. And believe me I'm extremely self concious about my skin. I've brought it up with him before and he says "it's pretty normal" (to have acne)..and he says he has never NOT been attracted to me. When I get down on myself because of my skin he says things like "I wish you could see yourself the way I see you." Yeah, it's extremely sweet. I'm so lucky to have found this guy. Basically, this experie
  13. Yeah, there are people like that everywhere, it makes me angry too. You should take comfort in the fact that you're a good person though. Keep it up!
  14. jgroove, did you put anything on your face after you were done swimming? Did you wash it? Or did you moisturize at all? Just curious...I'm a female by the way...what if I want apply make-up?