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  1. Terrible. I done this. my skin just broke out like a motherfuka. White heads everywhere. face itchy. I moisturised. just terrible. If this works for you it's most likely the products you were using was to much. e.g PH Level extremely acidic....
  2. Just thought I would come back and say Life is whole lot better now. started going Gym found a girlfriend however we finished due complications. But I'm good. Life is good. I'm Happy in good shape. Reasonable health and working on myself to grow. Mentally. Anyone who finds this post. Know Life is one test with lots of questions. Peace out guys.
  3. Hope it helps. Cheeks: More texture scars. Forehead real indentations. current cysts: Hopfully no scars.
  4. @beautifulambition Okay. I've currently got a appointment with a derm in six months for all this. The reason I asked is simple because before my scars i used to have no problems with girls. Called handsome however since receiving them. Not so much.... In terms of treatment would you say it will be hard to treat? And I'm looking for the most cost effective. I appreciate all advice.
  5. @Djdan Thanks for the reply. The disease is under control I do try my absolute best on that part. However it is the Disease version. Not (S) version. Just out question. Do you have photos of your scarring before and after? Also do they make me ugly. I know I already am lol but uglier? Finally. Yeah I thought that would be the kind of treatment I need. I live In the UK Btw.
  6. Hello. Im 20 years old. I suffer from Inflammatory bowel Disease. Part of my suffering. Sometimes requires me to go on Steroids. However I have received lots of acne as result, Scars also. That is why i come here today. Most of my scars sit on my right side of my face. Unfortunately the way the scars sit it creates almost like a slash . I also have scars that are forming on left side due to recent cysts. So..... I was wondering how bad do you think they are? Do they disfigure my face
  7. Mrgunner3


    Feel like no scar treatment will get rid of this. Even in low lighting the right side looks like i've been slashes and left got my scars coming.
  8. I just don't what to do I've done so much I'm on the strictest diet ATM. Still nothing. I give the fuck up. What do you do???
  9. before all this madness. I was British Army soilder. Started accutane: then I was all of sudden a victim of Ibdiease. Messed up guts all the time. Messed up face. You would think my face was hit by a grenade. never been this low in my life. Acne is thing that finished me. Thank you everyone. Let this post show all those people with slight scarring. What scarring is. Even with natural lighting.o Uneven jaw. Short in height. Have a disease in both face and guts. Lost all friends. Girls think
  10. Mrgunner3

    Need some advice with the caveman regimen

    @INeedhelp1312 On days that I get caked in dust or sweat should I just use cold water in the sink? And then just leave it? im just worried that days where I'm ripping out bathrooms and get caked in layers of dust that it will clog my pores? and also if got really hard to get dirt on my face how should I approach this?
  11. Need some advice from people who have done caveman regimen so I'm very interested in starting the no wash the no nothing idea however I work as plumber and workout every night so lots of sweat and dirty. have people done this regimen with a similar lifestyle if so how did they approach it? i just can't see it working with all that sweat and dirt...
  12. Dear Reader tonight 11/09/16 marks the first night/day into something I have been meaning to try for a long time. A Paleo diet CURRENT STATUS. Mild acne: Both cheeks, forehead, chin. I want to keep this short and sweet throughout my journey. I will post daily. updating the content untill 1 month mark. I will be 100% Strict. I say this as many users have tried to review said diet. how ever failed in their attempts. Supplements 1x 5000ui Vitamin d 1x multi vitamin 2x Omega 3. Ski