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  1. Thank you for the reassurance!!!! I have been prescribed accutane for my moderate persistent acne, but fear going on it could potentially harm any future children I have. My derm said to wait 2 cycles but that just doesn't seem long enough? Somebody also said that you can give blood after 1 month so surely it has left your body by then? les mis, forgot to ask .... did you give birth 11 months after your course ended or get pregnant 11 months after?
  2. Hi, just wondering if anyone has had a healthy pregnancy and baby after being on accutane. Also how long did you wait once your course was complete before even trying for a baby. I'm thinking 6 months post accutane. Is this long enough?
  3. Just wondering how long does it take until all traces of accutane are out of your system? I hope to get pregnant AFTER the course and am wondering if 6 months is long enough to wait post accutane?
  4. I have read and understand the risks of getting pregnant whilst on the drug... infact I think it may be the same here (monthly blood tests) as I have 2 forms for blood tests. I don't feel my dermatologist has informed thoroughly in regards to getting pills, tests done etc. I already have an 8 month son and hope to begin trying for another baby once I finish my course. Does anyone know how long before all traces of the drug has left your system and you CAN begin trying to get pregnant safely?
  5. THank you for your thoughts...valued and appreciated! Here in NZ it seems we do it somewhat differently in regards to prescriptions.... I simply rock on up to the pharmacy to get my pills and take the bloodtest after and then another blood test 6 weeks later before I see my Dermatologist again. I have heard everyone talking about Ipledge... what is this?
  6. THANK YOU for the words of encouragement! You're right...at 33 I am sick of it. I want to have a few years of clear skin before I have to seriously start worrying about wrinkles! My prescription is for 20mg daily for 1 month then 40mg daily for a month. Do you think the low dosage means I may not break out as bad in my first month?
  7. Been reading all your logs and as I sit here with Isotane (New Zealand name) prescription in hand I cannot bring myself to go to the pharmacy and get the pills. I have moderate acne and at 33 I postively HATE my my skin. I am so fed up with crying about it and hiding if someone comes over unexpectedly and I have no make-up on. I long for clear skin. BUT i am really scared about starting. I am so worried about the IB... when does it start and how long does it last? I have a family weddin
  8. Thanks for your suggestions Lorrie. I am not currently pregnant. I have a son (he is the apple of my eye!) and am hoping to start trying for another baby at the end of the year. It is because of this I don't want to start Accutane - I don't want to break out again while pregnant and be back to square one all over again. In the interim I need something to keep the spots at bay and help the redness too. I am so darn sick of having to put on makeup to cover up my bumpy blotchy face! I'm su
  9. Am new to this site. Have got some comfort knowing others are going through the same thing. Am fed up with acne and redness on chin and cheeks! Have tried: B Peroxide (leaves red patches - too harsh) tetracycline (came back once I came off) Erythromycin gel (makes redness worse and get some itching though am using it now) Use Decleor products though want to find something cheaper (!) They seem to soothe the redness of my skin but certainly aren't making my skin any less bumpy or pimple in