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  1. can i go to pixel laser while still having active acne?
  2. Has anyone bought/read this book? What´s the deal with it?
  3. Lately I have been feelin weird. I´m angy,mad,sad, frustrated at the same time. I have panic attackes. I cant stand people. And i cant calm myself. I dont what to do. Like am i ticking bomb,except i dont know what will haven when I explode. What to do? My face is really bad and I keep getting bad marks at school, fighting with my only friend . Itś just to much. I dont see a way out of this dark period. I have been told I will fell better If I just let out what´s on my mind. Maybe talk to so
  4. In my class are 28 girls and 7 guys. So we didn´t all stood in the line but you know, one after other congratulationed him. Usually is Ëhappy birthdayË, Ëbest wishesËand 2 kisses on the cheek. He kisses every girl in my class except me. I felt aweful. That is the point. He hurt my feelings. I just wanted to share my story on the board because thats what this is all about,right? You guys understand. That´s all.
  5. one guy from my class has a birthday today. so when we came in our classroom everybody congratulationed him,and he kissed every girl except me. words can´t describe how I felt.
  6. Why dont you find someone here from your state to be friends with? You can go out and have fun. You could talk and help each other pass this. And you can even became good friends. I know i would like to meet someone from this site cause they really understand what you are going through.
  7. I´m happy for you. I really get excited when someone is making progress(?)
  8. thank you people this is great site and i´m so happy i found it.
  9. I´ll be here to help people. sometime you just need to be here to realised you are not alone in this.
  10. Thanks for understanding. I will try to eat as healthy as possible with no sweets and soda drinks. But the thing that you are 30 and still have this problem is frightening me. It´s just proof that will not go away soon. ïŒ
  11. just decided to tell my story I have find this site in December while searching about acne. I remember I was really depressed that day. when i read all this stuff I was like ´i have to get this regimen´. I´m from croatia so they dont have it here. but fortunately we have cousins in america so they sent it to me . i´ve been using it for 3 months . it looks better now. i occasionally break out but mostly have just bad scars. I come here everyday and i´m so glad i found this site. my friends d