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  1. Got three....on my face....There is a way to help these "go away" ????? Please gimme some info if ya got it !
  2. Heuuuuuuuuuuuuu.....What's my name again ?????? Ahhhh the hell with it....I'll roll another jet and feel much better.........................Now where are those damn peanuts????
  3. Jean-Coutu here I come...sea salt "la personnelle" Some Nizoral and hey whet the heck....Some H&S while I'm at it.....My back, face and shoulders will feel like a babies butt pretty soon.....Thank !!!!
  4. What ever you do, do it now.....Cause if ya don't you'll end up like me at 36 years old and still not going to the beach or friends pools and spas........I stay home and enjoy my pool once the sun goes down and no neighbors can see.
  5. I'm 36 and have real bad cystic acne and scars. I can tell you all that I've been with my current GF for 17 years I have two wonderfull kids (that I watch with an eagle eye, just in case they start breaking out) and life is pretty darn good. So go out there and embrasse life and as for the ignorants that stare or make comments, screw them, who need them. Trust me, there is someone out there for all of you no mater how bad you think you look like some one will find you attractive. Go out there
  6. 36 here and yes.....I understand where you're comming from...lol
  7. I'll tell you what...I am trying this as of today and to be honest....Just from this morning's shower, it already cut the redness and constant itching to about 1/2.....I'm going to go all the way with this and I might even push the limit by applying the H&S straing to a chosen spot and kinda use it a a cream for 1 hour periods....
  8. If I knew this 20 years ago...lol...Thanks for the recomendations and explanation...I'll be trying it for sure!
  9. Welcome to my life....I resemble one of those pictures....But you know what....Life goes on, don't feel sorry for any of them just treat them like any other person.....