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  1. ANSR didn't work for me. Also have Trophy skin light that worked a little better but it wasn't great. I am looking into getting the CLARO IPL acne device but is $250 and I have spent so much money on this devices already. The claro is more to get rid of inflammatory acne a little faster it doesn't prevent new ones. But right know I am doing good just have a couple spots in my face. If somebody tries claro please let me know
  2. HI I wanted to post some updates: I started with the face reality regimen (long distance) 2 weeks ago and so far is going great! I like how they start very slowly with the products. I still have some breakouts but I know they were forming before I started with my products. Even tough I have some breakouts my face is not as bad as it was a month ago! I'm hoping that everything is going to keep going good.
  3. Great! Keep us posted on how things go when you get started. So are you moving far from where you are now? I was in Virginia now we are in Hawaii! so kind of far. It took me like a month to move and finally find a house. I did the face reality questionare yesterday. I'm going to send them the pictures today. I would post my results! thank you
  4. Thank You for the code I really really want to get this product. I have try so many foundations and nothing looks good on me. Do you know for how long they are having the "temptu" code promotion? I don't have internet in my house right now (we just moved) and I don't want to order using wifi but that promotion is too good to pass on. thanks
  5. thank you willow569 I decided to try the face reality program. But I'm going to have to wait until we are at the new house. I'm going to stick with what I am using for now.
  6. I pretty much have a lot red spots but recently I have been getting a lot of "pustules" the really ugly and big ones. They are the big and yellow looking ones yuck! I have been getting them around my mouth I don't know why. I want to start face reality but I'm moving in about two and a half weeks. How fast would they respond and ship the products? thank you
  7. I'm thinking about starting a new regimen: Have been on tetracycline, finacea and metronidazole for more than 6 months with little improvement. I stopped going to my dermatologist because I moved and I wasn't getting any good results. Now I am between starting the face reality treatment (long distance) or buying the Dr. Fulton's clear complex kit. both looked like they are expensive but I am desperate! I have spent a lot of money in stuff that does not work. So I just wanted suggestions which
  8. I use Olay complete sensitive skin during the day. At night I'm using this new moisturizer from Biore is call Skin Preservation Hard Day's night is really moisturizing I like it a lot I have been using it every other day for about a week and no breakouts.
  9. freeeandclear which light are you using?
  10. Hi I have been using a blue light for about 3 weeks not great results but still not giving up. I was looking around because I wanted to get a portable device with both the blue and red light. I keep changing my mind!! lol I was going to get the ansr or the tanda or the omnilux clear u. And then I find out about CLARO it uses both Light and Heat. I find this comparison table: CLARO vs others and here is the clinical study: clinical study The only problem is that you can get it with prescr
  11. tetracycline tend to upset your stomach and I guess that combined with alcohol. But I have drink while on the medicine and I did fine. I know that the medicine its supposed to be taken on an empty stomach but my doctor say to have it with food. maybe that can help you? make sure than when you are drinking you had have food before. and drink lots of water when you get back home. How young are you?? hmmm maybe you shouldn't drink!
  12. I was looking everywhere for an answer and couldn't find it. I have been reading a lot about different devices (because I want one) and somewhere I don't remember I read about somebody saying it takes 1 hour each treatment so I guess that would be around 20 minutes for each side of your face? that seems like a lot (compare to other devices that you have to use for just 5 minutes) but remember that you are doing this every other day. Good luck with this device and please let me know how it work
  13. I'm in my 2 week using just the blue light. I got one from a company call trophy skin so far very little improvement. But I'm not giving up I'm glad that I read this thread now I know that I need at least 6 weeks treatment to get real results. I'm using the light 6 days a week for 20 minutes hope I'm doing fine. I got just the blue light because of $$$ if I see real improvement I might get the Omnilux clear U just because I want something portable (we are a military family when we move sometimes
  14. Hi guys I didn't knew where to post this so I hope I did it in the right place. My acne is pretty much under control is not perfect but I can live with that. But no matter how clean or broken out my face is its always dry dry dry and flaky. I use azaleic acid and noritate (prescriptions) I got jojoba oil from Dan but it breaks me out really bad. I use Olay complete moisturizer is a good one but I need something else to make my skin less dry. any suggestions? thanks
  15. 14 years! it was really bad when I was 14 until I turn about 22. Now I'm 26 and with medication is ok but still get couple of really bad days. Acne sucks big time! I wanted to add something to the question. What is the worst thing that you put in your face before you knew better? I ask this because back when I was younger I would put anything that people would tell me, now I research everything a lot! Worst thing for me I guess: Noxema with sugar I was supposed to rub it on my face lol m