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  1. hey man, hows it going with the acne now?

  2. Your skin looks perfect! =D

  3. wow you have photos now a days. bout time.

  4. everybody stares at everybody, you would do but not even realise it, you would be weird if you didnt look around to look around at people.. post a photo of yourself and ill tell you if theres a reason why people are staring at you..
  5. ive got heaps more red marks the last photo i took was out of focus i have a new one up that shows all my red acne scars that is way way worse then yours. Oh well not long now and it should be fixed... not.


  6. trust me your texture looks way better than mine....i've had these redmarks/keloids for like eight months now! i wouldnt even think u had an acne problem if i saw you

  7. jealous your skin is way better then mine.

  8. thanks for the comment...the only frustrating thing is the stupid keloid scars that i'm prone to and have to keep getting injected! but it appears my skin is not the only one improving! yours looks amazing! i am jealous

  9. Stacks of people have acne.. just walk into a school. Sometimes you go places and hardly any people have it but.. IF you have it get Ro-Accutane get it fixed.. its just one of those things you have to get fixed.. I wish i never got it either.. check out what ro-accutane is doing for my skin. in my gallery.
  10. My derm said the success rate would be 90% chance of going away and never coming back im going on 10mg over 9 months and getting up to 80mg. check out my gallery in my signature
  11. It will eventually go away, accutane WILL do the job.. just let it. But other then that cleaning, possible microfolicating (you could get away with) your skin toning and moisturising. Is good to do to. But what really gets rid of red marks is salt water check out this post. Its also helped dramatically with my skin check out my gallery look at when i get a tan and how much my skin got better basically by just going in getting in the salt water heaps.. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.ph
  12. thanks and good luck to you day 16 no worries as of late except for the chapped lips..i gotta go tho im almost done with hp 7