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  1. It pisses me off when people look...I wanna call em out, "Yeah, I'm here"
  2. Yeah. I'm outside a decent amount of time. At Lunch, when I run. Probably works out to be about 2 hours a day. I'll just apply it after. I'm just worried it will mess with it.
  3. When you talk to people..and you notice that they're staring at your face
  4. bump...please people!! i'm desperately looking for an answer.
  5. I am currently on a Duac/Retin-A treatment, it's working well, but I am concerned due to the fact that I don't want to use my Oil Free SPF-45 Sun Tan Lotion, simply because it doesn't really fit into my schedule. I am currently in school and I wash up and put my regimen on and I usually walk out the door immediately after. To put it merely, I'm flustered.I'm not completely confident that if i put my sun tan lotion on RIGHT after i put on the Duac it will mix and will render the Duac meaningless.