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  1. Heyy again!!! I haven't been on here for like, 2 months almost, because i was waiting to update y'all on my skin if it improved... well guess what, IT IMPROVED!!! i barely have any closed comedones now, and if i do, i simply prick them with a lancet and gently squeeze out what's in there, and that seems to do the trick without giving me any marks or scars!! i went to a naturopath at the end of September, and i was told to go gluten-free (which i mostly was anyways) and dairy-free (meaning i c
  2. it is soo satisfying, and definitely helps with my skin's appearance! i think i'm gonna do more extractions, because these ones are only a pink dot -- literally! they don't look like scars
  3. woah!! thanks for all this info!! this Tactupump that i'm using (and have been using for three months now), has made my skin look more pink, which i hate!! i use sunscreen, and i put on A LOT of moisturizer!! since the Tactupump has 2.5% BP in it, i think i should be able to just start using dan's BP without any issues, since my skin's basically adjusted to it now. and yeah, the waiting times do seem long!! i mean, i use my Tactupump before i'm going to bed, so i quickly take a shower, apply th
  4. i'm definitely gonna try out dan's cleanser then, because i do need to have a 'clean' feel if i plan on doing any chemical peels -- so they can absorb better into my skin. ;o how do you go without a moisturizer?!! if i tried that (which i have), i get an uncomfortably tight feeling on my skin! so the cleanser and BP helped you with your closed comedones?! ;o OMGG even more reasons for me to try it! did the BP bleach your skin at all, or your stuff if you weren't careful (like pillowcases,
  5. awh!! i hope the clindamycin works for you!! hopefully the salicylic acid works for you! i've never had much luck with salicylic acid i actually had pretty oily skin yesterday evening (which almost NEVER happens), so i'm thinking im gonna have to switch over to a more 'drying' type cleanser, so i think Dan's cleanser should be alright! i'm eager to try the lotion because of the licorice ingredient in there!! it looks like it'd work well to calm the skin haha thank's for your input on the pro
  6. i've had perioral dermatitis, it was just a bit & it was on my chest -- it was from using the tactupump there (it was like only the second time using it) so i just didn't use it there for two days and it went away. i just moisturized the PD more often with the Cerave, so it could heal quicker! i hope the metrogel helps you out!! i haven't decided yet, what i'm going to do because i just started a new job, and it's overnight shifts, and i don't want to possibly have my skin look worse tha
  7. yeah, that's what i HATE about comedones -- you can't cover them up with makeup because they're still bumps that are gonna be raised my skin is looking a little dull now too, but i'm not sure from what. i haven't changed anything in my skincare routine maybe you should still use the cetaphil daily cleanser since at least you know it's keeping you clear, and then add in a moisturizer to counteract that tight uncomfortable feeling with the skin. & if you're noticing with the gentle cetaphil
  8. too much oil production maybe?! i typically get oilier in the afternoon, but it's not too bad i used to have forehead & temple bumps too, but they were different from the bumps i have on my cheeks now. it was back in grade 8. the ones on the forehead & temple were a little more raised, and some of them were even a little bit inflamed. i used to think it was because i had bangs, so i took action & actually wore my hair back (exposing them... i was so embarrassed, but you gotta do wha
  9. i used to get really tiny whiteheads on my nose too -- but i got them from trying to 'squeeze' out the sebaceous filaments (they'd fill up the empty hole hahaa). i don't squeeze them anymore. if they're piling up (like if my nose feels fuzzy from them) i just lightly scratch them off with my nails my mom and my sister have large pores too! i just have a few, mostly the cheek part that's underneath the eye (it doesn't go as far out to the side of my face, so i am greatful for that!!) ughh people
  10. sosickofzitz: ohh i see; we both have similar issues!! i rarely get the sore ones under the skin, but when i do, they're on my jawline. for the nose, are you referring to sebaceous filaments?! those are the ones i have on my nose and also a little on my chin (i always thought they were blackheads, until now hahaa) KenHarrison: you said your cause of cc's & acne was diet (gluten, sugar, bad oils). how long does it take for the 'bad foods' to show up on your skin in the form of closed comedo
  11. ohh, i didn't know that! i think the key to the whole closed comedones issue is to find what it is that's causing yours... and that's the part i'm having issues with!! i plan to see an endocrinologist (hormone doc) to see if it is indeed my hormones that are messing up my face, because even if i were to get mine extracted, and even if they wouldn't fill back up, i feel like new ones would appear, and it'd just be the same cycle. i just want to hopefully figure out what's causing them so i can
  12. @KenHarrison: no way!! i heard of hard water being bad, but i didn't think it could be the cause of my clogged pores! i live in an apartment, so i dunno if i have hard water running from my tap. very possible tho, so thank you for that info!! after switching to soft water for your skin, did all of your cc's go away?! or do you still have new ones show up from time to time? @sosickofzitz: are the clogged pores just between your nose and upper lip?! i used to get some there too, but then they
  13. I'm currently on a retinoid -- 0.1% adapalene with 2.5% benzoyl peroxide. I'm just really eager to get off of it after the three months of use is up, because i don't want my body to have to rely on chemicals! I use it on my back too! There are some bumps there, and the purging process hasn't been too bad for me. Today will mark my 80th day using it! My derm told me to see her after three months of using it ((93 days)) so she can see if it has helped. I'm curious, how long did it take for your
  14. Hmm, what do you do for diet?! For me, i eat dishes made from whole foods (like lots of veggies, rice, beef, chicken, etc.) -- i stay away from processed things. my oil used for cooking is olive oil (cold pressed & organic). i only drink water or tea (NO SUGAR -- i add lemon slices to it depending on how im feeling). Do you take any supplements too? I've been planning on going to a naturopath, just don't have the funds for it yet, so i'm eager to know what's been helping you!! Woa
  15. Ohh i see i see. Just curious, how do you extract them yourself? Do you puncture with a needle and then "pop" it like you would for a pimple?! I've extracted them before but they still came back && the amount of redness in my skin from extracting made me stay inside for like a week