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  1. good luck! its comforting to know that we are all in this together.
  2. started my roaccutane course yesterday. 60mg per day. i am 15 years old and first had a moderate breakout late 2006. i noticed one of my friends was taking roaccutane and how effectively it was working, so i saw my doctor. she precribed me tetralysal 300. i took this for a couple of months without any real improvement. during this time i had kept on asking my parents if i could go on roaccutane, but they were worried about what effect it might have on me, (my dad has an abnormally high cholest
  3. starting my roaccutane course tomorrow, but my derm has put me on 60mg a day (3 20mg pills), im wondering if this is a bit high, i dont want a severe breakout or any other severe side effects. should i take the full 60mg or take 40mg instead? help is greatly appreciated
  4. :S he didn't kill himself, he died of a cardiac arrest.
  5. hurt - nine inch nails exit music (for a film) - radiohead 1979 - smashing pumpkins low - foo fighters something in the way - nirvana first orgasm - dresden dolls
  6. :D

    in that case, i love you!

  7. Nice personal photo. I love Radiohead :]

  8. i tryed it. but i only left it on for about an hour and a half because of the horror storys ive heard about people getting blisters. and it deffinitly worked a bit.
  9. i saw a video once of this guy popping a spider bite. it was disgraceful.
  10. i feel that way too. i used to go out every week and i was happy, but then i started breaking out, and i just couldnt face girls anymore. its stupid really, i have loads of friends. theres no good reason for me to not want to go out. my best friend does so much every friday night and has a great time. while I'm stuck here doing nothing. him and all the people he goes to town with are completely clear, and im too self conscious for my own good.
  11. when ever i feel bad from people making fun or whatever, i just think about how alot of other people in the world have far worse problems than acne. and that actually im lucky that my only worries in life are over the way i look, and not that i'm starving or living in a warzone or something.
  12. i love the smashing pumpkins!

    im seeing them at reading festival :D