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  2. wow, i wish i lived in London! i think i'll go there someday... but yeah BP will work, (i'm allergic to it, but i know lots of others who have had success with it... especially with Dan's Regimen.) and any other spot treatment you have.. as long as you are treating it every nigh and/or day, it should be hardly noticeable by the time your party comes. about the dead skin/flakiness problem, make sure you exfoliate every morning as well and then immediately following, apply a good moisturizer. i
  3. yea the tooth-brush method works best for directly sloughing off dead skin cells and ofcourse leading to better healthier skin, but i'm sorry to hear about your embarassing cyst:(. try icing it down a bit and if you have any clay mask .. try dabbing it on there as a spot treatment and it really should decrease in size quite a bit. hope that helps! btw, if thats you in the picture, your skin looks INCREDIBLE!
  4. I'm sure the baby brush method is great also, but i can tell you one thing for sure- no baby brush will ever vibrate on your skin nor will it ever be small enough to fit into small crevices. But i encourage you to try both and see which on works best for you:)
  5. I think all electric tooth brushes are pretty much the same. I mean you just want it to have a spinning/vibrating motion and good bristles. By good bristles i mean not too soft, but not rock hard. good exfoliating bristles. if you buy one and find out that the bristles are too hard then try running it under hot water and that should soften them up a bit. i use crest spinbrush pro-whitening. i assume that they have that brand in the UK. but i'm pretty sure all electric tooh-brushes have the same
  6. Yes, you should be fine using it with dan's regimen. i dont really think it matters what cleanser or regimen you use it with because it can only help! it's not even like your applying anything so it cant interfere much with any regimen out there unless your like allergic to tooth-brushes! LOL. But yes, i mean although the electric tooth-brush or regular tooth-brush for that matter doesnt have any special healing powers, the sloughing of the dead skin cells and the clearing of the pores will h
  7. well this is a hard question for me to answer seeing as i've never tried the baby brush method before. um, i heard it's pretty successful for the most part.. i've always just thought it was too soft to make that much of a difference, but i mean who knows i could be wrong and it could be just as good as this method but a baby brush i assure you will never vibrate and i find that that part is what helps the most, atleast for me. and probably others as well. also, a toothbrush is a lot smaller comp
  8. Well i find that the vibrating motion really helps the health & quality of my skin and helps increase the circulation of blood which is very important when trying to improve your skin. i also feel that my pores would not have been as small and cleared as they are without the vibrating motion. now, i dont know for a fact that the vibrating motion is what reallty helped clear things up but when i brush my face, i can feel the vibrating motion just open up things and clear other things out. so
  9. You shouldnt have to worry about doing it too much because i use it 2 or 3 times a day and my skin looks&feels fabulous! i find a lot of people are worried about it irritating their skin or drying it out, but the truth is, it's really not possible to do those such things for the very reason that the tooth-brush contains no chemicals or weird ingredients unless theres left over tooth-paste or unless you didnt clean your tooth-brush out carefully the last time you used it whether it was for yo
  10. Hi:) I actually have the same problem. EVERY cleanser dries my skin out, even the gentle cetaphil cleanser. ridiculous right? well you see, i wear makeup, so washing my face with just water isnt an option. now with the help of jojoba oil added to my cleansers, my skin is no longer lacking moisture from those drying cleansers. i always add a teaspoon of jojoba oil to my cetaphil cleanser everyday. so maybe you might want to look into that? but if you find that the water is really working out f
  11. Well, the one reason the tooth-brush method shrunk my pores (and other people as well) is because i had a lot of junk in them to begin with, and my skin wasnt looking that great. (because of clogged pores and dead skin.) so i mean, depending on whether you started out with good or bad skin, the tooth-brush method will make the biggest improvements on the people with not-so-good skin. not to say they wouldnt help the people with normal skin, but if you have initially good skin then obviously ther
  12. Where can I buy that serum? Id like to look into it You can pretty much get it at any Sephora or big department store that sells top brands. It got amazing reviews on ww.makeupalley.com! it got 4.8/5 stars for 22 reviewers. <--- deffinently says a lot! but i must warn you... it is very expensive, however, very much worth the money. good luck:) I've been using this method on and off since RiceBunny posted the suggestion on her Xanga in '07. I have sonicare toothbrush and I use
  13. can you just buy sea salt at the super market?
  14. FOR EVERYONE WHO IS CONFUSED: here is a youtube video on xanga.com that uses the same exact, exact method and this is how i encourage you all to do it!! It isnt necessary to use the products she suggests and the steps and what not.. the important part of this video is the tooth-brush scene! lol. http://www.xanga.com/RiceBunny/603656971/e...clean-skin.html