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  1. Right now I don't have the time to go searching for the articles, but when I get home late I will. :)
  2. Nothing will give you a more square jaw-except implants. Facial exercises are a crock of sh**. The more you move your face, the more you stretch the muscles and set yourself up for premature wrinkles.
  3. yeah still training; got cancer earlier this year; higher power's tryin to bring necro down; but i will overcome!

  4. Certain products worsen acne. I know silicone primers tend to make acne prone people break out. I would recommend using products that are oil-free.
  5. Not from a drugstore, but it is drugstore prices. Concealer Foundation I have super sensitive skin and I don't have any bad reactions to this stuff.
  6. If you are acne prone, do NOT use a silicone based primer. Silicone based primers tends to make sensitve skin/acne prone skin break out. My fav primer--->Primer It's technically not a primer but it does fill in pores/pits and gives you a nice matte surface to work with. I have very sensitive skin and I love this. I use it morning&night and don't have to deal with oily skin later in the day.
  7. Hi Mary! Since you have pits, I would suggest starting off with a primer to even out your skin and fill in the pits. Since you have sensitive, acne-prone skin, skip any primer that has silicone in it. I use this. Although it's a moisturizer, it really doesn't fell heavy. It dries immediately and gives your skin a nice matte look. I use it morning and night. Next, I would recommend a concealer on any red spots. Don't go with a green concealer as they take too much time&effort to properly bl
  8. A lot of people are convinced that 'expensive' and 'well known' brands work better than less expensive brands, and that's not true. At all. When I'm breaking out I use this. It's inexpensive and really does help.
  9. I'm not sure if you have sensitive skin or not, but if you do, I wouldn't recommend touching a silicone primer with a 10ft pole. One of my all time favorite concealers is by mark, and it's the Speedway Do Everything Makeup. It's very creamy and dries to a powder finish. I use it on my scars/nose and it never settles in my creases or pores.
  10. For me personally, eating certain foods never helped/ruined my skin.
  11. Yaay! At least someone does!

    How ya been? Still training?

  12. miss.chaNel


  13. hi I remember you <3

  14. heyyy bitch! how have you been?