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  1. Thank you for the advice I appreciate your time. Well honestly i want to flatten them out and make sure they are 100% healed, then also tattoo over the whole front and back .. anyway thank you
  2. Thank you very much. yess ill seek professional help. Thank you for the input, strongs too you aswell.
  3. Hi if anyone out there could give me advice on what to do, please i feel hopeless and cant go on like this anymore?
  4. Hi everyone, well heres my story. Firstly my acne started about 2years ago. Had normal teenage acne you knowww.. then it got worse to a point that i went to a dermatologist, well he gave me accutane ughh , hated that stuff. i was about 4 months in the treatment, when my acne went from worst to even most worst. I mostly had body acne, shoulders , chest and back ohh and upper arms... soo like from worst it went to badly inflamed lessions, derm gave me meds and nothing would stop the inflammation.