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  1. has anyone experienced problems with getting an erection and keeping that erection? i've noticed the beginning of my 3rd month on 60mg that my erections aren't at full potential and that i lose them a lot faster to now...i hope this is not permanent and will be back to full strength once i'm off this drug
  2. i didn't know u were suppose to fast before your blood test....my doctor never mentioned anything about not eating the day of your blood test
  3. This topic is mainly for guys but will appreciate any feedback. I've been on accutane for almost 2 months now and my lips are incredibly dry. I put chapstick on like every 10 minutes. All my friends are like..."why are your lips so shiny" and "did u just eat a juicy steak". Being a guy, i rather not have my lips shiny like i have lip gloss on or something. Do you guys have any suggestions on chapsticks I can use that doesn't really create a shine but does a good job? I think i've bought every t
  4. I was just wondering when the dryness stops. I'm 3 weeks into accutane and my face is really dry and my lips are very chapped. I don't mind it but I was just wondering if the dryness goes away during the course or does it go away after you're finished with the course. My skin is looking a lot better but the texture of it really sucks. Feels like sandpaper. When does it become soft and smooth? Also I was wondering if someone could recommend me a chapstick. I've been using the Aveeno Intense one b
  5. what stores carry aquaphor in the US? i can't find it anywhere. please help!
  6. hello there...just started accutane (claravis) at 40mg per day. I notice that my skin is getting a little dry so I thought I would go purchase me some mosturizer and chapstick. I've basically narrowed it down to cetaphil daily facial mosturizer or the aveeno ultra calming facial mosturizer. Which one is better or do more people prefer? I've also heard a lot about aquaphor but can't seem to find it anywhere. I don't think Wal-Mart carries it and I went to Walgreens today and they didn't carry it
  7. thanks for the response. i'm very hesitant to go on accutane so i'm trying to weigh out all the other options first. i've tried antibiotics and topicals with little success. my acne is not severe, but mild and persistant. so i just want something to rid me of acne for good.
  8. which one would you rather take? people have had really good success rates with both pills, of course there are pros and cons for each though. so if you had a choice, which one would you do? accutane is known to have very bad side effects while b5 has none or very minimal. both are suppose to stop oil production, but in different ways. the only bad thing i heard about b5 is that you have to take like 10 g which equals about 20 pills a day and then lower the dosage for maintenance purposes and if
  9. does it make your skin flawless though? like how you looked like before u ever had acne? does it heal all blemishes and scars?
  10. ok...i just visited the dermatologist and he gave me some pills...acunol??? he told me if those don't work to well then i can go on accutane next time i come in. i was just wondering if accutane is really worth it....my acne is not severe at all...just mainly oily skin and whiteheads...so i would say mild to moderate. does accutane erase all blemishes? does it fade existing scars? or does it just stop new pimples from coming? i mean i would go on accutane if i know that it would make my face loo
  11. I've heard a lot of good things about this face cleanser. Only thing is that they don't carry it in the u.s. Is it worth paying the shipping cost? Any feedback on people who are using this cleanser would be helpful. I also heard it's similar to cetaphil cleanser? Is that true? Because I really didn't like either of the cetaphil cleansers.