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  1. I must say a guy that can do it six times a day.Quite a niffty turn on.
  2. I'm sorry I think what happens between me and myself is a wonderful,glorious thing and I'm not giving it up for anything.It relieves my tension,makes me feel all warm and soft.The only things that will stop me from enjoying is being deathy ill(notice it has to be deathy)I've done it during having the flu.Or when I'm dead.And if there is a heaven.I'll be enjoying myself up there But goodluck to ya'll that are giving it up.You brave people.
  3. My own personal regimen.I wake up I wash my face with Neutrogena soap bar or I use the Blackhead Eliminating Scrub.I use 75%Vinegar mixed with a little water.Then I use PanOxyl Aqua Gel 10%percent Benzoyl Peroxide.And I use Vinegar on and off through out the day.At night I wash my face with the Neutrogena scrub.I then either use Vinegar or I use Band aid Hurt Free Antiseptic Wash.Then I spot treat with ByeByeBlemish with 2%percent Salicylic Acid(This stuff I am truely LOVING!!!)I swear I can hav
  4. Yes I love anything with numbing in it.It is bad enough sometimes the things we have to put on our skin.We should atleast get to not feel it sometimes.
  5. For me it has helped my red marks.They look a lot lighter.I am also useing the Vinegar and the tape method.So somethings doing something but I can't say for sure which something.Might be the combination.
  6. I had something similar to that happen to me.What I used was Band-Aid Hurt free Antiseptic wash.I put it on like you would a toner all day long.It helps with the redness and it helps with itching because it has a pain reliever in it.Then at night I'd use Neosporin with gauze pads.Hopes this helps
  7. Hello All.I got this new acne med at Walgreens and have been useing it the past few days.And it seems to be working for me,so I figured I'd share.It is called ByeByeBlemish(drying lotion)It has in it 2% Salicyclic Acid,Isopropyl Alcohol,Water,Sulfur,Zinc Oxide,Camphor,Iron Oxide,Aluminum Magnesium Silicate.Anywhoo I've been useing it at night on my pimples/cysts.And it seems to reduce them in size pretty great.It is a spot treatment and trust me on that you only want it on the spots.It works rea
  8. I tried Mederma most it did for me was break me out But everyone is different so what doesn't work for one,might work for another.Some advice try it on a little area for a week and see what happens.Then you'll know if it breaks you out or not.
  9. Thank you very much for the info,Animegirle it is very much appreciated!
  10. I've tried it and I love their blemish stick and oil control powder.I have fair skin and it works great on me.
  11. I have found a powder I absolutely love.I have very fair skin and I use Clean&Clears oil control powder.I dont know if it would work great for everyone.I also like their blemish cover up stick.It has salicylic acid in it.
  12. Once when I was on a date,the guy decided to enlighten me that my face looked streaky
  13. I've had acne since the age of 14.I am now 22.I have been left with what I believe to be mild shallow scarring.I've decided to get the smoothbeam laser.My only problem is I can't find a doctor in my area.I live in Las Vegas,Nv.If anyone knows of a doctor here or a site where I might be able to look one up I would be very thankful.I was wondering also I have dented purpleish marks on the under side of my chin.Anyone else have these or know for sure what they are?Maybe possible treatments?I would