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  1. could anybody sell me a tube of dan's bp from he UK. i would pay by cash or check. not too pricey plz. thnx
  2. which one is better to use on acne vulgaris: dans bp or neutrogena on the spot????
  3. Hi, i'm not sure wheather 2 use bp. is it damaging to ur skin . i herd u can get cancer from it?????? an it can make ur skin age quicker.
  4. hi, i have many brown marks on my forhead and was wondering if anybody has tried bio oil?? does it work???
  5. Hi, i'm fm the Uk and want 2 start dan's regime to hlp my acne. i've ordered neutrogena on the spot and a cleanser and moistourizer of the net but it takes to long to come. i reli want to by them fm the Uk coz its much easier. can anibody tel me a good cleanser for senstive skin which won't clog pores, a bp 2.5 from the Uk ( ive herd of panoxyl bu it doesn't say its veri gd and i've searched 4 it on boots website but its not there), and and a good moistourizer with spf15 and doesn't clog pores.
  6. wen exactly would you b able 2 sell them ? e.g 2 weeks time, one month, 6 months?????????
  7. Hi, i used this soap and it dried out my face loads and irritated it like mad so i stopped using it but i didn't put any mostrizer on after i used it so that could of been why.
  8. Hi, i have got scars on my forhead from popping spots. they r not red but lyk small dark brown marks. plz can sum1 help me an tel me how 2 get rid of them. thnx
  9. H, i've decided to give dan's regime a go. i have spots all over my forehead and some on my cheeks. i get soooo down over them. i'm putting all my faith into this regime, i just hope it works. i ordered the products off da internet and am just wondering if anybody knows how long it takes to order. i live in the Uk and ordered of shopinprivate on monday night. can anyone plz tel me wen they will arrive. also is there anyone in the UK who is on dans regime and buys the products from the Uk?? plz
  10. yes i think that is a veri gd idea. i wud definatly buy. i live in the Uk and have ordered mi first bp of da net an i fink its gonna tak longer den 2 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!.wt bout doin da other stuff lyk dans cleanser or the purpose stuff.