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  1. Anuzari

    life saver

    life saver

    Hi everyone I know this product is not a popular one and I never thought about using this until I received this as a gift. for the people who does not know about natio it is an Australian based skincare and cosmetics chain and it is super affordable. I'm writing for the people who has tried everything yet still struggling with acne. to be honest I was one of you, few weeks ago. I have been looking a proper treatment for my acne for years here it is. amazingly it is not an acne product. this is h
  2. Anuzari

    Dark chin area

    Hi, I started the acne org regimen one month ago. I feel my acne is clearing up. however. I had dark skin area around my mouth even before I started the regimen. After I started the regimen it is going more dark and dry in that area. hope someone can give me a advice regarding this.