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  1. Accutane has no long term effects for oily skin. If you take it too control of oil you will have to take to forever, which you wouldn't want too. For me even 40mg a week doesn't for my oil. I guess maybe if you took it everyday 5mg or so....but even then you stop and bang! It comes back
  2. No jojoba oil make my skin sticky and a bit red even when just washing with it. I think I might try get a blue LED light or something.
  3. Green tea makes my skin oilier! Wonder if a micro dose of say 5mg a day of accutane would help. I was taking 60mg a week separated in different days but was thinking maybe you may have to take everyday. Even 5mg a day would still have side effects,,,,,,,,ahhh fml
  4. Thanks I just tried it last night and I will see how it goes. I'm sure it will take a while to work. So I just was with it then rinse it off with warm wash cloth.
  5. Yeh I look pretty young. Coz Iv been oily forever but it's annoying!. Yeh I might try a oil but not sure which one. Thanks
  6. Hey thanks for the reply. Dam that sucks! But at least there's hope. I really hope that one of the x2 drugs work and no more oily skin coz this driving me super crazy. There must be something that causes it...... Or something to stop it! Just sucks. I have ran out of options or ideas as how to stop it as I have tried most of everything known. Only think I haven't tried and won't is face washes designed to combat oily skin. I got sensitive skin and they all irritate my face.
  7. I have used red / Amber / inferred led for 2 years and has done nothing for my oily skin. And there's no proof that this works for oily skin at all. Good for rejuvenation and redness and imflamation but it would do nothing for oil or sebrum glands.
  8. Alcohol dehydrates your body and skin so it's just taken the moisture from your skin. Dried up oil / sebrum for limited timed then it returns. Next hunger over day my skin is always puffy and no moisture in it then the oil returns the next day.
  9. Hey guys! I needs some help! Is there anyone out there that has somehow cured there oily skin issues? I have been battling oily skin for years and years and nothing has helped me. Have tried b5 , saw paw , vitamin a (high dose) , spiro , so many things!. I have been on accutane now now for 2 months ...derm started me on 20mg twice a week and nothing. now I'm on 20mg every second day and still I'm oily. She won't go any higher as most of my acne is gone and too high dose just for oily skin
  10. My moisturiser with aha stings the hell out of my skin and was way worse after accutane. But each to there own depends on how sensitive your skin is. Accutane induced rosacea for me
  11. After accutane your face is heaps sensitive! Not sure you should go nuts on the aha or peels...I would wait it could make the prob worse. Try led healing lights and oils first before just in case.
  12. Dude from my experience just because I don't want anyone to go thought what I did.....vbeam caused a bit of damage. Be careful who you pick to do it. Yes works great but years later had lase damage. Don't think it effects acne but I'm not sure if they will suggest treating send first. Try led - blue and red first
  13. Ohh and I'll keep in touch if I see any improvements. Ps : laser / ret A - anything that's over strong and powerful for your skin is just going to do harm. I used taz ages ago for a week and I saw that it was thinning my skin. Stay away from all that stuff! Your skin must be like mine weak and pale. I had very baby Irish skin and Obviously I couldn't use anything harsh... Things they don't tell you
  14. Yeh I feel your pain. I was like ready to give up the other week! Just wanted to die! Just sucks knowing you carnt go back and not living your life to the fullest. I'm trying turmeric cream for healing with emu oil. I'm seeing a naturopath to get a good diet and buying LED lights for collagen and healing! I'm hoping all of this in 3 months will do some improvement. Prob not heaps but anything is better. But just sucks to know I have to do all of this to try and fix a issue that won't all be f