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  1. Just wanted to add to this thread that I was cleared using a not to strict paleo diet: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/Completel...-a-t260537.html
  2. Hi Dotty, Yes you can eat avocados! They are my favorite food. And I eat nuts all the time... they say peanuts may aggravate acne, but I haven't found this to be the case for me. I believe that it has to do more with keeping your blood sugar steady than any allergy. I recently read that following the south beach diet helped women clear their skin as well, as it is based on a low glycemic index diet as well. I was on a low carb diet for 2 months before I started Paleo and within literally
  3. Hi All, I just wanted to come back and let you guys know what FINALLY worked for me. Brief background: Came off the pill at 22 - had severe jawline and cheek and chin acne within 6 months. Tried various vitamins, saw palmetto, fish oil etc. Ate a vegetarian diet (very healthy or so I thought) low on sugar etc for a while then a gluten free diet. Went on Spiro which helped but gave me too many side effects. Was about to go on accutane when I thought I would give the Paleo diet a try (eve
  4. Awwww, I know just how you feel. When my acne broke out I was only 14 years old, then it went away by 17 (with medication) Then came back worse than ever at 22-25. This last round was the worst because NO ONE else my age had acne and I felt humilated and upset. I have gotten it completely clear now though through a relaxed paleo diet, but I completely hear you on the wasted time, and crap that you have to go through. I've had a lot of terrible stuff happen to me in my life though, from men
  5. Hi French girly, You definately have hormonal acne. Take saw palmetto, at least 1200mg per day, you'll probably need more, just don't exceed 3000. It will clear you up really fast.
  6. I tried stinging nettle last year while cycling with saw palmetto. The saw palmetto kept me clear, but the stinging nettle would break me out. I did 3 months sp, 1 month sn. It is supposed to have anti testosterone properties too, but it didn't help me. that being said, I believe males and females have different pathologies of this disease so it may help some people.
  7. Test tube - So how is this topical spiro working out for you now?
  8. Get your doctor to perscribe you spiro as fast as you can. That will clear you up! If you have PCOS you have too many androgens and spiro is an anti androgen. If you want an immediate solution, start taking the herb saw palmetto as soon as you can. That should stop all the zits in about two weeks. Stay on the saw palmetto till you've been on the spiro for three months, then discontinue the saw palmetto. If you do this, you'll only have a few more weeks of acne to deal with. I know how muc
  9. Going of Diane 35 is murder. I went off 2 years ago and within 6 months I had the WORST acne I've ever had. It was all cystic under the jawline and chin. Painful and so terrible. In highschool I just had moderate teenager type acne... nothing too bad. Anyways, I thought it was just a phase. Which it wasn't - I tried everything to get it under control. Very restrictive diets, herbs different topicals... Anyways, I seriously think that Diane screws up your skin permenantly as your skin
  10. TT- When you were using topical spiro, did that keep you clear?
  11. Test Tube - How bad was your acne before? Do you think that topical anti-androgens can work as well as spiro?
  12. I took diane for 7 years and when I came off I experienced the WORST acne of my life. Like cysts all over my chin and jawline. If you don't have severe acne now I wouldn't take diane if I were you. I've heard many women have horrible acne when they stop (like much worse than before they started).
  13. I just bought topical spiro from a hairloss site a few weeks ago and have been using it. I'm giving it a month or so before I drop down in dose from spiro. I started at 100mg once a day and didn't get my period for 3 months, so I dropped it down to 75, but was noticing a serious downturn in libido as well as orgasmic capacity. That didn't help much and now I'm down to 50mg. I haven't broken out at all going down in dose, but my acne is quite severe and I'm not sure that 25 mg will cut it. M
  14. When should I be able to start tapering down this drug? I have been on it for almost 4 months now, and I haven't gotten a single zit since starting it. Before, I was having very deep cystic acne. I was on a dose of 100mg/day for three months, then for the past month I've been on 75mg. I've only ovulated once during this time, I can't really have orgasms anymore, I feel fairly tired on this drug and I feel faint doing even a little exercise when before, I was very athletic. I feel like eve
  15. I've been on 100mg for 3 months. I haven't gotten any new zits in like 2months or more so I'm thinking this may be a high dose for me. I'm going to ask my doc if I can drop down to only 50mgs Otherwise my sex drive is up from what it was when I was on Diane35... way up. But still down from being on nothing.