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  1. Cool Man. Now u just need to wait for them to fade. Just like me
  2. F- them up. These ppl are nothing but shit to me...that is unless they have really good personality and a good person.
  3. Kimothy, don't be harsh to people here. Anyway, why don't u try running 5km every two days ? Exercise can bring positive energy to u and to others too. I would pity u, because I was like u, but I managed to motivate myself to prove to myself that I can overcome this problem like how I deal with many problems with Life before. I am currently running about 5km every other day alone. Don't care about all ppl. The key is MOTIVATION.
  4. GIRLS are distractions. Seriously u should start thinking about how to make more money and how to get your good grades instead of these nonsense ideas. I was like u last time. But one day, I start to realise that girls are not that important at all. Money and achievement are my main priorities now.
  5. I say a healthy balance diet is the best. U need some meat for protein, which in turn help to repair your damaged tissue (the skin), fruits and veggies for Vitamins and Minerals, drink some calcium for your bones (because u are still growing up), and eat whole grains as much as possible.
  6. Personally, I feel that this is the best thread that others must take a look at. We must not irritate our skin.
  7. I say if u cannot stand the oil, then use just a little soap and wipe the oil once a day. That is what I am doing. As the weather is fking hot, I swear alot. So I use little soap to wipe off the sweat and a little oil, but just remember not to irritate your skin and u are done. I think Waterwater want to tell us that we should not irritate the skin or else the skin regeneration will be disrupted. Everyone dun have to follow his every step, just modified it to your own "comfort"
  8. Yup, my situation is very worse to good now
  9. Be careful, Soy can reduce Sperm count
  10. Do u use water to wash your face or just leave it as it is ? I think water is no harm to skin !
  11. Hi, it is alright to be alone sometimes. Don't let it get into your head. If u want to, we can chat on MSN.
  12. I think I having blemishes just like u (if u mention your skin look like that photo) and a mild acne recently, but dun give up. We need to think of a way solve the blemishes problem. First someone must link us the threads for blemishes. LOL cheers !!!
  13. Actually what is the realistic expectation of improvement of skin ? I think my skin is not improving a whole lot and only a little after 2 chemical peels and IPL. But I want it to be clearer than what it is, maybe i am too greedy or what. And how long it will take approximately for the skin to be clear of marks ?