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  1. Hi tryingtohelp, I did it pretty much the typical way you'll find it described. Leave kefir grains in milk for 12-24 hours (mine usually only takes around 15hr). Then separate grains and kefir, put grains in new milk. Leave new kefir out for second fermentation a few hours. Repeat. Kefir should heal your digestive issues. I have witnessed some wild things kefir has done for people. Also, the quickest and best way to get a hold of the grains is to find someone locally who has them or go on C
  2. Hi guys, It's been years since I posted here but I was brought back because I recently received an email that someone quoted me. I can't believe this topic still exists (actually I can since accutane is a horrible drug). I felt obligated to inform everyone here that I am pretty much cured and 100% back to the person I was prior accutane. Long story short, I suffered really bad digestive issues from a second course of accutane which led to a myriad of additional problems. I went through
  3. If we really want a strong holistic view, maybe we should be posting or linking, or somehow wok on getting a response from the people on curezone
  4. To the guy who says that accutane still stays in the body - I finally went to a sauna the other day. I did three sets of 15ish minutes with water-only showers in between. It felt ridiculously good. When I was done I noticed that a few pimples on my face had dry peeling skin around and on them. The only times which i can recall that look was when I was on accutane...is it possible that the extreme sweating might have brought accutane to the surface? To me that was convincing evidence
  5. Some info online about fat soluble toxins "Most often they accumulate in the fatty tissues, liver, kidneys, and brain, but also in the skin, bones, blood, cell membranes or any localized body tissues. Why should you worry about it? Because they slowly - or not slowly at all - erode your health. Why do toxins remain in the body? Simply put, your detox system is overwhelmed, due to excessive level and variety of toxins pouring in day by day, for years and decades, beginning with your earliest
  6. I posted here a while back and tried to go a couple months without reading this thread (for positivity's sake) but now I'm back. I mentioned taking the HCL but like someone else said, it only worked for so long. I am literally starving all the time. I think I have a food intolerance to every food that exists. Someone mentioned using Protomorphogen, has anyone else tried that since? My hair loss is terrible too.
  7. Ehh how are we supposed to get a hold of this?
  8. Hi Stefan! Glad you got the book. I've learned that HCL is so important for so many different ailments. First off, accutane IS acidic because my derm told me never to lie down immediately after taking it or else it might burn through my esophagus! Theory - the highly acidic chemical elements of accutane may have messed up my stomach's ability to produce its own acid. It makes sense in my own case, because I didn't have ANY problems until almost IMMEDIATELY after I finished my course of the dr
  9. Jmsil, The coke liver flush doesn't require fasting or drinking the nasty salt solution. And I already knew I didn't have any stones, but your liver still can hold on to toxins. I'm sorry to hear that didn't work for you. As for HCL, I actually got worse before I got better. If you think your stomach might still be fucked up from tane, spend a few weeks taking DGL to restore some mucus before going to the HCL. But since it's been a while since you've gotten off tane, I'm sure you'd be alright ta
  10. WTF that got fucked up. I wrote a lengthy post. Whatever, I'll retype. This is going to be lengthy, but I HIGHLY recommend everyone read this. First off, HCL supplementation is a must. Someone already mentioned it too. I was diagnosed with GERD immediately after getting off accutane. After becoming sicker from the meds they gave me for that, I did more research. Read the book "why stomach acid is good for you" It basically says that it's rare to impossible to overproduce stomach acid, and tha
  11. <p>Hi guys. An update for me real quick, I gotta get to work in a couple min
  12. http://curezone.com/cleanse/liver/ Honestly, a series of full liver flushes (not just detox) might be our cure. Has anyone actually tried this? I've done a liver detox but never a full on flush. Might be a good idea.
  13. Let's all form an accutane house where everyone understands what each other are going through, making it easier to cope with our lifestyle hahah
  14. That's the worst part about it. Accutane gave me GERD. Basically, if I smoke, I get acid reflux up the ass not to mention all the pain that goes with it. I can't drink my sorrows away either because my liver aches in the morning and it scares me to think what drinking would do. The prison analogy is dead on. I literally cannot escape. Yes, you need 1) an official doctor diagnosis and 2) proof that you took the drug. I've been diagnosed with non ulcer dyspepsia, IBS, and GERD (esophagitis). U
  15. 10 hours, I wish I could get that much. I was referring to a gun - the quick, easy, painless way. I just sent in an email to one of those accutane lawsuits site. They said they are reviewing my case. Money would never make me happy but I'm getting desperate to at least be able to afford the supplements that are keeping me functioning (sort of). I think people on this forum should at least consider filing a suit, even if it gets rejected (crohns/IBD is what the lawyers are really looking