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  1. I swear my skin was looking not bad and then I go into the pool and it seems a lot worse to me. I mainly have redmarks and just a tiny bit of acne and my tan was looking pretty good i thought. After going in the pool i thought i got more pimples and my tan didnt seem as good and the redness was more visible. Anyone have any thoughts about this? Chlorine good for you, bad for you? please post
  2. im sorry rasins are just gross, i dunno if i could go through with this
  3. the first picutre isnt even skin it looks like paper
  4. i never knew blackheads could be inflamed?
  5. exfoliating is simply sloughing off the dead layer of skin
  6. I just would like to know if I should wash my face with a cleanser first or use the exfoliant scrub first? I also went for a tan today to reduce redmarks and was wondering if I do a scrub, would that take away the skin that just got tanned? Because my main problem is redmarks and i dont want to exfoliate if it gets rid of the tan. Thank you for comments and suggestions etc
  7. Besides tanning. Any around the house products or anything? Suggestions are greatly appreciated
  8. 2/10 Max. Just don't pick and create scars, you'll be fine. I just wish I didn't pick. I think I have minor scars, but redmarks are what I hate about my face. You seem to have neither.
  9. Just a question. I'm about to shower and I was my face while I'm in there. Should I shave before or after I wash my face. I'm trying to open pores, get a softer shave etc. Help is greatly appreciated.